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A Power Greater than Ourselves

March 25, 2012

     I read an article today on atheists marching in Washington. Don’t get me wrong. I respect all people’s rights to believe or not believe whatever they want to. But as I read foolish comments like America historically was not a Christian nation & that the 10 commandments were hoisted on a crucifix demanding […]

March 25, 2012

Originally posted on gutsisthekey:
WARNING: THIS IS A BIBLE STUDY. IF YOU ARE OPPOSED TO SUCH; DO NOT READ,  THIS IS NOT FOR YOU UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR LIFE CHANGED BY THE STUDY OF THE SCRIPTURE. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————— The Word in The Life of A Christian. The purpose of our lesson today:   A Closer look…

The Love of Sales (3)

March 21, 2012

   I have a number of  #Sales topics, I want to get to in my BEAMS. Still, I feel I must stress a topic I have already been talking to you about further, before we move on.        I can not emphasize strongly enough that Passion must be priority above performance, yes even […]

The Stuff That Dreams are Made Of

March 20, 2012

Professionally or Personally, we all go through down spots. Here’s how my friend @SteveGutzler turned his into a brighter tomorrow! Here is the link!   The Stuff That Dreams are Made Of.


March 18, 2012

(excerpt from a book I have written & not yet published) HEARING THE MUSIC IN LIFE Key Idea       Even if life has many days, it is too short to live without happiness.  Our life should be a song that finds the harmonies in life.     ***         To motivate people, nothing is […]


March 17, 2012

  Anybody can sell the same product with the same features at the same price. REALLY? Nope! A quality salesman will get the order nearly every time. I do. Like taking candy from a baby.      First of all, my product is better; because they are buying it from me. Second of all, my product is better; because […]

A Successful Day = A Spiritual Day

March 15, 2012

    A successful day for me is when I allow God to show up in my life and work through me. I am a very busy person and do all kinds of activities. But my supreme desire in life is to do the will of God. To be a vessel that He can use. […]

The most powerful tool in the salesman’s chest

March 13, 2012

Words are the most powerful selling tools of the Salesman. They are the very life of the business. They are the best tricks of the trade. Without them, every salesman is lost before he begins!                        Keys:      If you’ve got thin skin. Get over it. You must accept constructive criticism to […]

G.U.T.S. (23) Generate Unstoppable Terrific Starts

March 10, 2012

GUTS #23 is about Starting More specifically it is about New Starts & Restarts…      And its really fitting that it starts with 23.  Twenty three is the age most people have graduated from college and are starting a new life.   But then again, that’s the whole point of this BEAM. I want […]

Fight training tips for students preparing for karate tournaments. (expanded to include a few outside the ring, tips).

March 8, 2012

     Ok. I promised some of you some karate related help from time to time. If you are teaching students for tournament sparring. This little outline I developed is a great tool to help you get your students ready.      If you are a student getting ready for a fight; these guidelines will […]

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