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G.U.T.S. #39 – God Understands The Situation

January 26, 2015

Dear Guts Is The Key Reader. Those of you who have followed my BEAM (blog) for some time, probably thought I have forgotten the GUTS acrostic series.  Not a chance. I am up to 83 and there are plenty more to share with you. But as you know, if you have followed me for some time, I […]

A Healthy Outlook on Life

July 8, 2014

      My sister passed nine years ago but invaluable lessons she taught me never will. The power of Acceptance and healthy outlook of looking at life as a Patch-Work Quilt are two of these lessons. These principles have changed my life and have the power to change yours.           […]

My life = A Spiritual Mission

May 16, 2013

     Dear Guts Is The Key Reader. Sorry for not having written in over a week. It is not that I don’t have plenty of inspiration. It is just that I have been incredibly busy working. But I am not complaining I am thankful. I like to work.      Often I think I […]

The Song of the Heart

April 11, 2013

      Dear Guts is The Key reader. If you have been following me for a while, like some of you have. You know that I am a little mystic. Sometimes I know things that others might think mysterious. Hunches and Instincts come powerfully to me at times, with footprints that are unmistakeably spiritual. […]

What’s In a Name

May 25, 2012

     Believe it or not, this is a sales training post. But first I must digress into personal story land!      My name is Timothy Grant Carter and I am proud of every syllable of it. Timothy means “honoring God” &” of or pertaining to the female breast.” And there is nothing I […]

My Sister’s Wisdom

October 20, 2011

The PatchWork Quilt by Timothy Grant Carter IN HONOR OF DETRA CAROL CARTER Among the myriad of powerful lessons my sister Detra taught me,before she graduated from this realm. One of the most gripping truths she shared with me was the comparison of life with a patchwork quilt. On one side, a patchwork quilt is a […]

G.U.T.S. (9) Get Used To Stuff – Acceptance

October 14, 2011

G.U.T.S. (9) Get Used To Stuff – Problems are normal.   Some situations we have to deal with. They are not going away. Best way to cope with them is to accept them and go on.      Acceptance! Think about that word. Life is easier to handle, when we learn the peace of accepting stuff, […]

SIS Acrostic

September 29, 2011

     I think about my deceased sister Detra nearly, every day. I lost her to cancer in 2005.  She was my best friend we shared, laughed, dreamed, cried and worshipped together.  Anyway this has very little to do with her really, except that I was thinking @ the word SIS and I do a lot in her […]

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