Your Forecast

Many aspects of our life are like the weather. They can not be changed. They are what they are. Ok. I get it. You can not control the forecast outside. But you can control your internal climate. You can control the the forecast for the inside. It is within our power to predict more sun.… More Your Forecast

Faith struggles

A young friend once asked me: What are some of the things you still struggle with after you got closer to God? Are there things that you have to continue to ask God for help with? I felt like my reply might help some of you, in your faith walks and spiritual growth. So, here… More Faith struggles

He still calls people to come to Him, walking on the water.

     I think a lot about the recorded event, where Jesus called Peter to come to Him walking on the water. Well of course, we who now know the story, have the onlooker’s sight advantage. We as observer’s seeing the whole account, know  that Peter actually could have walked on water if he believed… More He still calls people to come to Him, walking on the water.

Daily Confession

     The following is something I have used for a long time to keep good, daily mental hygiene. Perhaps it will be useful for some of you. Slam’s Daily Confession: I love Jesus. I believe in myself. I can tackle any problem with God’s help! I will make the best of today. I am… More Daily Confession