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Karate’s life transforming power

April 27, 2013

     Dear GutsIsTheKey reader. This BEAM is about karate’s positive potential and power to change lives in a healthy way. Karate has been a life long experience for me. I remember, when I had my first karate lesson over 40 years ago; karate was practically an unknown in America. The only successful karate movie […]

Shotokan Karate Principles of Power –

March 3, 2013

     Hello GutsIsTheKey Reader. This Writing is for a select group of you. Those interested in the martial arts and especially the karate sources of power, that can seem to generate “secret” abilities.      In some respects, I am one of those hard-core karate guys. I have done it pretty much all of […]

GUTS and Heather Von St. James

November 5, 2012

     Dear GutsIsKey Reader; If you have followed my BEAMS for very long, you know I am all about GUTS. Modeling Courage myself, teaching others about courage and honoring and highlighting people that demonstrate great examples of courage in their lives. This BEAM is all about helping someone with true courage, as she reaches […]

G.U.T.S. (26) Generate Understanding Through Sincerity –

May 13, 2012

    Be real. Life is too short for phony. People are tired of put-ons. It is refreshing to deal with people who are genuine. God is more concerned about what really is, than what appears to be.  When Jesus walked the earth, His greatest problem was with people of religious pretense. They tried to […]

G.U.T.S. (15) – Give Undertaker The Slip

November 12, 2011

G.U.T.S. (15) Give Undertaker The Slip – A lot of us end our life prematurely by not being good to ourself. Don’t end life before it has to. Be good to your spirit, mind & body. Take constructive action to improve your health. Slip out the back Jack..  When the grim reaper shows up early; […]

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