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Show And Tell

December 17, 2013

     As a Quaker, I’m into simple things that work. There are many basics in sales that you never get beyond. It is like always finding it important to stop at red lights, or always seeing the need to tend daily to hygiene. These are no brainers but require consistent attention. There are certain […]

Thoughts from the Woods – 1

December 29, 2012

     As many of you GutsIsTheKey Readers know. I am an outdoorsman. Often when I am in the stand hunting. The thing I hunt the most is serenity and a deeper relationship with God. It is a wonderful place to deepen your relationship with the Almighty. And strengthen your own understanding of the treasure […]

What’s In a Name

May 25, 2012

     Believe it or not, this is a sales training post. But first I must digress into personal story land!      My name is Timothy Grant Carter and I am proud of every syllable of it. Timothy means “honoring God” &” of or pertaining to the female breast.” And there is nothing I […]

Nuggets of Gold

December 20, 2011

God showed up in last night’s (12/19/11) twitter stream. Here are some golden nuggets from it. When God speaks, my brain feels like an engine filled with jet fuel; I can barely contain the energy & power. I love Him & serve Him gladly. There is a deep longing for acceptance & love that The […]

Simple Effective Sales Skill #2 – Listen Better

October 28, 2011

As we said in a previous BEAM: To sell more: -Tell it with Passion. -Listen with Intensity. -Show it with Enthusiasm.  Now, we are looking at each of these sales improving practices individually.  The goal is to make your pocket-book fatter, by making your sales better.    These suggestions are critical to work on, if you want […]

Hard hitting sales advice. – It takes GUTS to sell.

October 20, 2011

I’m into simple things that work. The following suggestions are definites to work on, if you want to improve your sales game. They will work to improve your sales if you work on them. We will look at these collectively today and then next week, work on them individually. Sales is all about communicating value. […]

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