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Common Sense Sales Solutions

February 20, 2013

    Voltaire once said: “Common sense is not so common.” And in these simple words he drove home the point of this sales article. We need to continuously remind ourselves of the basics of salesmanship. These commonly known facts are still often uncommon, in the sales marketplace. It is easiest for people to over-look […]

Three Powerful #Sales And Life Dynamics

November 19, 2012

#1 – Optimism #2 – Flexibility #3 – Courtesy      Constants are powerful. They are like Bedrocks to a foundation; A rock solid, reliable base on which to build. Constants are common denominators. All even numbers have 2 as a constant. It will go evenly into all of them. Even-so, constant strengths in our […]

Eagles vs. Turkeys

October 23, 2012

     Many of my life concepts and understandings appear to me, in word pictures. The idea in this BEAM is certainly one example. Early in my professional career I learned that the surface problem is not always, the real problem. Often, the real problem is not the facts as they are being presented.   […]

Guard Upbeat Signs of Times – Guts #29

September 17, 2012

     The most recent installment in the Guts Series of acrostic inspirations is: Guts # 29 : Guard Upbeat Signs of Times – Concentrate on the good news. Look at the beautiful side of life’s patchwork. Do not look only at gloomy prospects. Find rays of hope to think about.      Have you […]

G.U.T.S. (28) Get Up To Smile –

August 20, 2012

Ok. Ok. I know some of you were wondering;  When is he ever going to publish another one of those GUTS things?      I’m up to 75 of them; so you can be sure they will continue for a long time to come. Here is number 28 for you to chew on. G.U.T.S. #28 […]

The Joy of Imagination

May 31, 2012

     I remind you that I write BEAMS, not just a blog. Because my goal for this writing endeavor is very specific; it is specifically designed to lift, elevate and enrich that which I find worthy and good about the human spirit. And in that light; this BEAM is about the topic of imagination. […]


March 18, 2012

(excerpt from a book I have written & not yet published) HEARING THE MUSIC IN LIFE Key Idea       Even if life has many days, it is too short to live without happiness.  Our life should be a song that finds the harmonies in life.     ***         To motivate people, nothing is […]

G.U.T.S. (22) Giggle Unbelievably at The Strain –

February 25, 2012

    Sometimes, we need to lighten up and chuckle at ourselves. The scripture says: A cheerful heart is good medicine. Being up when times are down makes you feel better & your outlook brighter. It also frightens the competition. They think you are crazy. :)      Comic Relief can be a powerful way […]

G.U.T.S. (43) Get Up Truly Smiling

October 22, 2011

GUTS (43) – Get Up Truly Smiling; Why do I make such a post at night. Simple. So you can utilize it in the morning.  First   thoughts are critical to a happy productive life. When your eyes first open from dream-state to consciousness; what are your first thoughts? It is a choice, you know? […]

G.U.T.S. (2) – Grin Until The Sunshines! N.O.W. !

September 26, 2011

 If your smile doesn’t help anyone else; it will help you!  My logos is a seed growing up and down with the philosophy I have tried to follow for a long time. “Make today Great.”    It has been said: “If its going to be, then its up to me.”  This is greatly true with […]

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