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GUTS #31 – Gear Up To Serve

December 17, 2012

     I know you faithful GUTS readers have been wondering, when are we going to get another installment in the G.U.T.S. series. I didn’t forget you. Here it is. Worry not. I am up to 77 GUTS acrostics now. There will be more GUTS for a long time to come.      Today’s offering […]

God is not interested in your religion

July 2, 2012

     Ok. Ok. I know. I know. I am not a preacher any more. At least professionally. But being a preacher has never been about profession for me, any way. It has always been about a powerful relationship with a living God, Who for some reason chooses at times to reveal Himself to me. […]

Garden Praying with Jesus

February 17, 2012

When Jesus prayed alone in the garden, it was a difficult place, even for Him. ……………………………………………………………..   People love to talk about the shallow aspects of prayer & to be told about the shallow aspects of prayer. Prayer is like a great pilgrimage that requires a great journey to a far off place. The travel is […]

Being Wrong to be Right

January 27, 2012

     We live in a society that is permeated with self-adulation. “Me”ism is rampant. Self- Awareness, Self- Confidence, Self- Talk, Self- Will, Self- Appreciation. On and on the list could go. The greatest gospel that I see preached is self worth. Yet, Jesus preached a far different gospel. Go to Matthew chapter 5 in […]

Falling Under The Weight of the Cross

October 16, 2011

  Falling Under The Cross.. Even Jesus fell under  the weight of the cross.  And in the end, the cross He carried, carried Him.  Even-so, the crosses we bear may be more than we  can bear. We may fall under the load.  But God will with the burden provide burden bearers. And you will find […]

G.U.T.S. (6) Gain Usefulness Through Suffering –

October 10, 2011

G.U.T.S. (6) Gain Usefulness Through Suffering – (Boy this one wont make me any friends). Like it or not, problems are normal & the things we suffer can make us better people if we let them. Be willing to see what you are going through as a part of what you need, to be who […]

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