G.U.T.S. #1- Go Until Time Stops. Don’t quit till the race is over.

YES, THIS WAS THE FIRST GUTS! The Guts series and

the Guts adventure started with this BEAM. 🙂




   Still want to know why I named the blog site “Guts Is The Key?” Here is another reason.    

   A few months ago, while doing what I always do; trying to encourage somebody online. The phrase came to me “Go Until Time Stops” and it hit me that the first letters of this idea spelled GUTS. Since I was talking to the person about GUTS anyway; I decided this was Providence and the first GUTS was soon born.

Guts 2

     How long should we try? The answer to this question is another question? How long is life? Because the time to try is during the whole experience of existence. We should try as long as we live. Being our best to be our best demands no less.

     Quit overstating the obvious you say. (I can almost hear you say it).  I understand that this seems a simple point. But sometimes the greatest and most overlooked lessons are the most obvious. Why? Because it is easy to take these basic concepts for granted.

     Need an illustration. Here’s one. Think about running. – – A great runner I’m not…. but I did run cross country in high school and through the years ran a bunch of miles for pleasure. One thing I definitely learned that all runners know is: You do not run to the finish line. You run past the finish line. It takes Guts to run. It takes Guts to do lots of things.

What are Guts?

     These three things are essential ingredients to Guts. 1- Guts is the Hope to press forward in spite of critics. 2- Guts is the courage to carry on in spite of pain. 3- Guts is the strength to pay the price, even when the effort requires sacrifice and difficulty. Truly Guts is Hope, Courage and Strength.

Guts 3

     Even so, this should be our attitude about life. When we finally land in Our Maker’s catch net after this life.  Let it be that you run into the net. I have a feeling God wants to catch live ones, not fish out dead ones, limp in the water.

     I know when I am scooping minnows out of the bucket that I have to go after the live ones. The ones that move the most. The ones that wiggle and and are very active. That’s what I’m after.

     I think it must be that way with us and our relationship with our Creator also.      He does not want us to quit as we approach the end but to run clear past the finish line. He would rather scoop up an energetic wiggling fish, than dip out a dead one.

     This is an important message for those of us approaching our senior years. The swan song of life should be its best season.

     Be able to say at the end of your race:  “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful.” 2nd Tim. 4:7 TLV

It may take GUTS, to do your best in life. But it is truly worth it!  

Go Until Time Stops. Don’t quit till the race is over.  

"Slam" is an avid outdoorsman & is known for GUTS.

“Slam” is an avid outdoorsman & is known for GUTS.

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