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Tolerant acceptance vs. finger pointing

Acceptance is a key to a happy life. We must accept people like they are. And we must accept life circumstances as they are, or we will never find serenity. I am not talking about moral cowardice or apathy. But … Continue reading

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Tribute to my father John W. Carter Sr.

 I wrote this article about my father this past year in July. I wrote it to my facebook friends as a tribute to my father JOHN W. Carter Senior. I recently realized that I had not put this article here … Continue reading

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G.U.T.S. #41- Glorify, Uplift and Trust the Saviour

I am occasionally asked, “What happened to the G.U.T.S. Acrostics? Of course this is a series of word games based on the letters GUTS. Regarding the subject of not writing them lately, all I can say is: My bad. It … Continue reading

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Conscience and the chain of healthy, reinforcing behaviors

Some words have very little meaning, and yet they are used way too much. Other words have giant importance and yet they are seldom used. Conscience is one such word that is used infrequently, and yet its power and dynamic … Continue reading

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Be Relentless In Personal Excellence & Public Service!

Originally posted on gutsisthekey:
Dear Guts Is The Key Reader. This entry is intended to be both personal and inspirational. Personal, because it is about who I am by nature. And Inspirational, because the characteristic I am describing will help…

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