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I originally wrote this article in January of 2012. I wrote it because of the deep and beneficial impact that prayer has made in my life. I republish this edited version, because prayer continues to be such a powerful construct … Continue reading

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The $11,000 Rock!

       I first published a version of this article on August 30, 2012. The thought behind the post was to encourage my readers to infuse more value, creativity and inventiveness into their career. This concept is so crucial … Continue reading

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8 Biblical Concepts that will Change your life

These thoughts can be treated as: A.     A 5 minute read. or…. B.     A week long Bible study. or…. C.     A 9 week long series of Deep Meditations. ….. When trying to discover the … Continue reading

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What Grace can do in a life!

G.R.A.C.E. There is a wonderful story to the understanding of God’s grace. We have heard it explained before, that we get what he meant for us, not what we deserved. We have heard it called unmerited favor. But what does … Continue reading

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Energy in the Office

  In 2012, I published an earlier version of this article. It’s very helpful to improve your work experience, if you must work in an office. So I am updating and republishing it, to help you pack more vitality and … Continue reading

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God’s Munificence

Originally posted on gutsisthekey:
As an author and voracious reader, I have an extensive vocabulary. So, when I run across a powerful word that I am not using and do not understand. I pay special note and try to learn…

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God Shares His Heart with those who Share their heart with Him!

Originally posted on gutsisthekey:
    Dear GutsIsTheKey Reader. As time goes on and on, I write more and more professional and career related articles. But I am an Inspirational man in my deepest part. So I will continue to…

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