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Why do I wear the hat?

Why do I wear the hat? I am asked this question very often. This article was prompted by response to another “Friend / Quaker”, who also wears his hat daily as a part of their expression of faith. This writing is … Continue reading

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E.A.S.Y. Expecting Answers Saying Yes.

It sounds too good to be true and like most things that do, there is fallacy and weakness in expecting easy solutions in life. Most times,  We are better off not to envision our path to be  E.A.S.Y. Expecting Answers … Continue reading

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The Virtues of Shotokan Karate

  The virtues of karate There are many reasons why I am a Shotokan practitioner, teacher, coach and contributor to the art. Shotokan is a wonderful tool in many ways. It is both a thermometer and a prescription leading to … Continue reading

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Slamisms – 501-600

     If I am nothing else. I am definitely persistent. And so I publish my 600th Slamism quotation. Of course, Slamisms are my own brand of inspirational, educational, motivational and helpful personal quotations. 600 is a lot, huh? I … Continue reading

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Facing Pain and Adversity with the Eyes of Faith

Problems are normal. Pain is real. We need not doubt the grace or mercy of God when we go through either. But allow God to so fill our hearts with courage and faith. So that we exhibit Christ’s character, even … Continue reading

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Red chili jam

Originally posted on Cooking without Limits:
During the time I start this cooking and photography blog I mad many recipes that I fell in love with them. Some were from cooking books or blogs, other just my own recipes with…

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What’s In a Name

Originally posted on gutsisthekey:
     Believe it or not, this is a sales training post. But first I must digress into personal story land!      My name is Timothy Grant Carter and I am proud of every syllable…

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