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Seeking; A Key to the Kingdom

Seeking is a Cornerstone of the Christian Life. When the children of Israel needed God’s help. He sent them Manna. And even though God provided the Manna for them. They still had to go out daily and gather it. Everything … Continue reading

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Health update

This is a Health update to my friends who have been praying for me: I have had two subsequent TIA events since leaving the hospital 3 weeks ago, one fairly severe. However, I believe that God is merciful and I’m … Continue reading

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The Discovery Diet

 When I was a boy. My dad had me out cutting trees on Saturdays when other boys were watching cartoons. I learned the value early, of very hard, difficult work. Also, I was in every kind of Athletics imaginable. I … Continue reading

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Pain and experiencing God’s help!

These thoughts are meant to be shared with those of you who are going through a season pain or loss. I don’t​ know why-we often must go through pain. But I do know there’s a very real manifestation of God … Continue reading

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Lemon Peppered, Ginger Lime, broiled Flounder Fillets

Homemade Lunch: Yes I should have took a picture. It looked amazing in the pan before I put it on the plate. it was absolutely wonderfully delicious-had no breadcrumbs nor any added salt. Although there is salt in the food. … Continue reading

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Peanuts is all we need!

Originally posted on gutsisthekey:
We need Charlie’s sincerity,  Linus’s blanket, Snoopy’s cool, Lucy’s practicality, Schroeder’s belief in his natural talent and the whole gang’s eternal childhood and we will all be OK!!! 🙂 Charlie’s Sincerity.     Say whatever else that…

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Venison Roast

7 lb. Venison roast. Soaked in Orange Juice for 2 days. Marinated a day and a night in special seasonings [super secret ;)]. Slow Cooked 10 hours in a pepper preserve made from quartered apples & Marischino cherries and Terriaki, glazed … Continue reading

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