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Thank God its Wednesday!

   Thank God its Wednesday? Now that’s just weird you say. And in a way, I have to agree with you.       In the middle of a fight, it is hard to be thankful. In fact, you don’t have time to do anything except … Continue reading

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Importance versus Unimportance

Dear reader, it seems that I continually run into those that think that you must accept either a prognosis that you are utterly  unimportant,  or that you are not positive thinking if you are not consumed with your own lofty … Continue reading

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What to do, when your Senior is your Junior at work.

If you are blessed to live long enough and remain in the public workforce, it is likely that you will have to work for someone younger than you; at some point in your career.  According to a 2012 survey by … Continue reading

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Be Relentless In Personal Excellence & Public Service!

Dear Guts Is The Key Reader. This entry is intended to be both personal and inspirational. Personal, because it is about who I am by nature. And Inspirational, because the characteristic I am describing will help you also, and serve … Continue reading

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