Thank God its Wednesday!

   Thank God its Wednesday?

Now that’s just weird you say. And in a way, I have to agree with you. 

     In the middle of a fight, it is hard to be thankful. In fact, you don’t have time to do anything except fight. And having been in the martial arts ring for years earlier in my life; I know that’s true.
    There are certainly times that you better keep your mind on the task a hand. Times that you better not look any further, than the next
punch or you are likely to eat a fist 
sandwich. That’s the voice of experience talking.
Ok, so you are not into the
martial arts.
How about football?  How many times do
you see the receiver miss the
quarterback’s catch, because he started to run BEFORE he securely caught the ball. This always results in an incomplete pass or a fumble.
     So, I guess that is my Wednesday 
message about making the most of your life.
Attend to the task at hand, keep your eye on the ball, make the most of the moment in front of you.  If you get a chance to catch your breath in
between rounds. If you get a chance to come to the sideline between plays. Then be thankful, for the strength you have to play the game.
    You can’t beat the opponent, if you don’t fight. You can’t catch the ball, if you don’t go out for the pass.  The automatic way to get a NO in
the sales game is not to ask for the business.
     Get in the fight. Play your best game. Put first things first. Do one thing well, before you do something else. Give the task at hand your best
shot. You may still take a few punches, miss a few passes & lose a few sales. But you sure are not going to win the contest, if you don’t get in the

     Thank God for the strength you have, give the fight your best effort and watch out for that incoming punch. Happy hump day!

(revision of an article I have previously written )

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