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Peanuts is all we need!

Originally posted on gutsisthekey:
We need Charlie’s sincerity,  Linus’s blanket, Snoopy’s cool, Lucy’s practicality, Schroeder’s belief in his natural talent and the whole gang’s eternal childhood and we will all be OK!!! 🙂 Charlie’s Sincerity.     Say whatever else that…

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Venison Roast

7 lb. Venison roast. Soaked in Orange Juice for 2 days. Marinated a day and a night in special seasonings [super secret ;)]. Slow Cooked 10 hours in a pepper preserve made from quartered apples & Marischino cherries and Terriaki, glazed … Continue reading

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Slamisms – 401-500

So, its been quite a while since I released a batch of #slamisms . But that’s not because I am not steadily producing them. Because I am…. I enjoy doing them and people seem to enjoy reading them. So I … Continue reading

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Spirit to spirit!

The reason most people don’t hear from God is they’re listening only with their ears & mind. Guidance comes from The Holy Spirit to our spirit. Spiritual awareness is an alien concept to many people. One reason that people who … Continue reading

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Learning and Practicing Zanshin in karate and in life.

   There is a martial arts thinking, known as the concept of Zanshin.  Zanshin is a term all Japanese martial arts use. It literally means “remaining mind.” The term refers to the movement and the body’s specific posture, after a technique is … Continue reading

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