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God is in the details.

God is in the details. When the first public revelations were coming to light to about subatomic particles like the Boson-Higgs “God Particle,” I followed this with quite some interest. I have always thought that not only is the design … Continue reading

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Energy in the Office  / Helpful hints

Originally posted on gutsisthekey:
  I found it really hard to adjust when I came back into the office environment to work again. These are some things I have learned to do to improve my own happiness and energy flow,…

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Be a tough, tenacious tackler.

In most pursuits, basics are critical to success. This is true in many things and it is undeniably true in football. To succeed at the game, you must have tough, tenacious, tacklers. As a matter of fact, you must BE … Continue reading

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The Bread of God. The manna of His presence.

Only a humble heart can receive the fullest blessing of the bread of God. There should be no pride about Divine guidance. The Makers voice is a gift that we cannot find on our own . We lose the power … Continue reading

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