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The Genuine Interest Approach

     This BEAM is on a #sales topic that I find it necessary to visit again and again. The topic of asking your clients questions. Yes, I know that every other sales consultant and trainer is harping on this … Continue reading

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Great Knowledge

     I have learned, The greater the diameter of your knowledge; the greater the circumference of your ignorance. Be humble with what you know!  The  scripture says that knowledge “puffs up.”  The picture comes to mind of what we … Continue reading

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Authenticity vs. Branding

     GutsIsKey Friends; as you know I take on a variety of topics. Topics normally relevant to how I see & deal with the world. This is one such topic that I have learned I must face, to exist … Continue reading

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     Where did this idea of writing on A GREAT SENSE OF PERSPECTIVE come from??????      I don’t think I ever experience what so many refer to as “Writer’s Block.” I have times when I am more energized … Continue reading

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