Where did this idea of writing on A GREAT SENSE OF PERSPECTIVE come from??????


     I don’t think I ever experience what so many refer to as “Writer’s Block.” I have times when I am more energized to write. I have times when I am compelled to write. And I have times that I am just too tired to write. But I can think of very few times that I can not sit down and compose meaningful written essays, when I want to.  Yet recently is just about as close to a writer’s block as I get. Not really, a block. But more a question about the right direction to go with my writing. Because more and more, my writing is for my readers and not just my own personal enjoyment.

      I am an intuitive soul. I am lead greatly by instincts, broodings of substance, hunches about real meaning and insights of divine direction. So having formed the basis of a public writing presence; the huge question has been “What is the RIGHT thing to WRITE.”  My creative leanings work fine. I am currently like a ship sailing on new horizons, heading into uncharted waters. A good amount of vision and inner compass work is certainly in order.

      So with this kind of thinking in my mind; I have been fishing for the RIGHT next topics, to WRITE about. So with this introduction, you will understand a little more of how this BEAM came to be.

       While canoeing the Twitter stream recently; I came across the quote mentioned by Giovanni Gaudelli ‏@giomotivation.

“The worst thing that happens to you may be the best thing for you if you don’t let it get the best of you.” ~Will Rogers  ………………….  

     This quote struck chords of thinking that are important to me. And since Gio pointed out that it was made by one of the greatest figures in American communications history; I decided to write Gio about his use of the quote. 

My note to Gio : @giomotivation I am a big Will Rogers fan. 🙂

 Gio’s reply to me: @cccdynapro Me too. He’s on my WOW list. Here’s one of my favorites: “Never let yesterday use up too much of today”. ~Will Rogers :))

 My 2nd note to Gio: @giomotivation Amazing, he was maybe the greatest spokesman for my country in American History & almost no-one today has heard of him today.

 Gio’s 2nd reply to me:  ‏@cccdynapro I love his sense of humor and his great sense of perspective.

 Gio’s statement hit me like a ton of bricks.


My 3rd note to Gio: @giomotivation A great sense of Perspective. Now there’s a writing topic, Gio! 🙂

 Gio’s 3rd reply to me: @cccdynapro Go for it, Tim, you’re the man! Looking forward to reading it! :))

 So the wheels were set in motion. I knew I had my next writing topic. So I wrote Gio back.

 My 4th note to Gio:  I will make it happen! “A Great Sense of Perspective” COMING SOON at https://gutsisthekey.wordpress.com/ . Inspired by Will Rogers & @giomotivation

      So here we are. Why am I so impressed that I should write to you on this topic? Thought you would never ask.


Regarding Will Rogers:

“He was like Lincoln or Twain, only better. (They did meet people they didn’t like, and they couldn’t throw a lasso.) He took care not to offend or challenge core beliefs. and he allowed his listeners to continue to think that common sense and two-syllable words could get to the heart of any problem.————————————————————————————————————————– Part of his paradox was that along with the old-time values, he was opportunistic and prescient enough to embrace as well the brand-new mass-culture media; it was as if someone came along today and became celebrated for generating virtual-reality representations of log-cabin hearths.” pg xiii of Introduction; Will Rogers Biography, by Ben Yagoda

     Will Rogers was an Indian, Cowboy, vaudeville star & in an amazing way captured the soul of America enough to be able to be its worldwide spokes-person, in his time. Will Rogers certainly had A GREAT SENSE OF PERSPECTIVE.

     The definition that seems the closest to what I am driving at in this BEAM is: “the faculty of seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful relationship: Your data is admirably detailed but …………………………………….  it lacks perspective.”

     In other words, A GREAT SENSE OF PERSPECTIVE deals with how do we see what we know?  It deals with; Not so much just the question of What do we know? But more it deals with; How do we look at what we know? Is our way of looking at things, constructive or misconstrued? This is perhaps the greatest question for us to answer, in regards to our approach to our careers, our relationships and our very lives.

       Do we like Will Rogers, take the variety of experiences that comprise our background and see them in the healthiest view possible? Are we able to take the myriad of influences around us and see them the right way? Without this kind of optimized personal vision, life becomes disillusionment. The greatest gift we have becomes lost in a muddle of poor perspective. We need to have the right outlook and the right view of things; to make our lives healthy, well & productive. We need A GREAT SENSE OF PERSPECTIVE.

     But how do we get such a perspective. How do we change from status quo to energized soul? How do we assess our lives differently and improve the way we look at things?

      Certainly all the theologians, all the philosophers and all the psychologists of all time have been trying to help us answer this question.  Yet, I find that our divine benefactor reduces such important issues to simple terms. God does not play hide and seek regarding the major purposes of life. And He does not make the prospect of finding our own healthy outlook, an impossible guessing game. We do have to learn. We do have to seek. But we do not have to worry that we will not find our “right” way. If we open the channels and practice the honest task of searching; I believe that we will find our answers. More than that; That our answers will find us!

     One of the best friends I have had in this life was a man I worked for several years, Wolfgang Hafele.  He is deceased now. But the lessons he taught me, live on.  I will never forget Wolfgang saying “I know that I don’t know.”    Wolfgang had an uncanny problem solving ability. He could look at a situation as if it was brand new, as if he had never looked at it before.  He could view it upside down, inside out and in totally new ways; Because he threw out all the givens and looked at it totally fresh. (Almost like a child). Solving each problem in business was obviously an adventure that he enjoyed.

     I miss Wolfgang but I still continue to benefit from this lesson that he taught me. A GREAT SENSE OF PERSPECTIVE must start with a good approach. And a good approach to life’s situations is an open mind and heart. Do not get so entrenched in your own positions; that you can not learn. To improve your perspective, start with a fresh approach each day. Clear your mind and heart  and open yourself to new vista’s of learning, outlook and attitude.

      Still, even if you start with a good approach; life is never easy. It is a journey that promises difficulties and road blocks.

     To win at life, when you get knocked down; you have to brush yourself off, get back up and go after it again.  Everybody liked “Rocky,” because down inside we want to be one.  We privately want to  Be the man or woman of valor. We know on some level that the only way we really lose is if we don’t try. Every time we crawl back in the ring; we know that we are at least in the fight. We have a chance if we will not quit. 

     The bottom line is that we can’t win, if we don’t compete. Don’t get me wrong. I think we need God’s help with every thing. But another of my deceased friend Wolfgang sayings was: “Help yourself and God helps you.” Sometimes, we must Give our-self a talking to. We must Jerk your own posteriors into action. There is no shortcut for climbing back in the ring. To have A GREAT SENSE OF PERSPECTIVE; we must be tough in our approach to life. We must keep fighting, in all seasons.

     Last but not least; to have A GREAT SENSE OF PERSPECTIVE; we must be willing to try other solutions than our own. As the scriptures say: Pride really does go before a fall. Thinking that we can not try something any other way than our own angle can stifle us into a box of stagnation. A humble soul, A thankful soul, An honest soul, A flourishing soul is one that can learn from viewpoints beyond themselves. I am not talking about being a gullible sucker. I am saying that we must be open to clear sources of truth, that are beyond our own means to discover without help. This kind of open-ness can allow us to leap-frog past logs of difficulty that would otherwise stop us from growing.

     So as Will Rogers Demonstrated by his life, we can greatly enhance the value of our lives by A GREAT SENSE OF PERSPECTIVE. And here is how we have said that we can improve in this area.

     – Start with a good approach

     – Keep fighting in all seasons

     – Be open to Sources of truth, beyond yourself.

      I will close this BEAM with a poem that I wrote.


Let me Out! Let me Out!


The very nature of the human mind cries.


There is no escape! There is no escape!


 The buttresses of fear and ignorance proclaim.


Those naive creatures trapped in these walls

destine themselves to be less than men.

While . . .

Those that are bold and inquisitive

forger new realms of human existence.

The closed mind screams

that change equals danger.

The open mind explores 

the fears of these men.

Be Careful! Be Careful!

We are warned,


Let us heed this advice,

Yet, never mistake caution for cowardice.

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  1. Wow, Tim, really great blog today!! Will Rogers is one of my Heroes also..sending this to both my sons..You truly are a Blessed ‘BEAM’ er!!

  2. Brad Hanson (managementbrad on twitter) says:

    Tim, Great effort. Both you and Will Rogers inspire me. Blessings, brad

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