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Quaker 101: The Accountability of Each Believer to fulfill His/Her call before God!

It is so easy to tell someone else what they should do. The old adage is true, if you point a finger at someone else you have two pointing back at you. The more important thing than telling others what … Continue reading

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The most profound and ultimate moment of life: Death.

It takes my breath when I think about the final and ultimate moment in which, this life will end and I will depart this veil of Flesh. The body will cease functioning and the mind as an organ will stop. … Continue reading

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Is The Selling Career Still for Today? Is it for You?

The sales profession has a bad image with a lot of people, as a career. Some of this is deserved. Some not. Unscrupulous practices and unethical principles will give any profession a bad name. And certainly there has been some … Continue reading

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