Is The Selling Career Still for Today? Is it for You?

The sales profession has a bad image with a lot of people, as a career. Some of this is deserved. Some not. Unscrupulous practices and unethical principles will give any profession a bad name. And certainly there has been some of that in our trade. So, because of this, we are best served to take the high road of consultant style selling. To stay above the bad connotation that sometimes the sales rep tag may bring.

Some things about selling have changed and some things never will. Selling is the fuel that powers the profit engines of nearly, every organization. If No product or service is effectively marketed; then there is no healthy prognosis for survival of the business……….. So regardless of some of the detraction’s associated with negative public appeal. Sales remains a critical function, for today’s successful business. And a viable career path for a wide berth of professionals. I guess that is job security. It certainly means that the sales profession remains a dependable and purposeful field for now and for the foreseeable future.

But just like always, it takes tough skin to make it in the selling domain. There remains the always present likelihood of rejection, in the selling field. The word “No” can’t frighten you off or discourage you, if you are going to be successful in sales.

Yet for the tough skinned, sales remains one of the most promising career fields. Carpe diem demands that we make the most of today’s selling environment. Concept, design, market niche, effective branding and product identity are underlying layers of knowledge that must be present in the contemporary selling dimension. Today’s buyers are educated and if the sale professional is not; he or she will not make it in today’s competitive, informed, selling environment. It not only takes tough skin but a head full of relevant knowledge, to make it successfully, in today’s selling marketplace.

The traditional sales training involved in persuading clients to buy is still as useful as ever, in most selling domains.  But more targeted sales training relevant to your particular product, service and selling situation is often necessary to invigorate skills to be effective in your own particular niche.


Certain mindset conditions are as apropos in today’s selling situations as they every were. Such as having an honest mindset of customer concern. Being as concerned about the customer, to whom you sell; as the product which you are selling is generally an underlying success stratagem of effective sales professionals. Meeting needs and solving customer problems will always be a more effective approach than the most carefully crafted pitch.


There are those products where you sell them one time and walk away. But most sales situations require that you practice healthy relationship selling techniques. Not only does this appeal to the current customer. But furthermore it builds referrals and attracts the friends, neighbors and associates of the satisfied customer.  


Is the selling profession still a good career path for today? Yes. It remains a viable career path for the tough skinned, profit and customer minded sales consultant.  


Is the selling profession a good career path for you? Only you can answer that. But it could be that you just have to discover the right field and selling situation, to make it work for you.  I know that for me, it is still an exhilarating and profitable career path and livelihood.


Happy Selling!




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Tim (Slam-) 4-1-2017

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