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The Importance of T.A.O.ism…..

DISCLAIMER! READ FIRST PARAGRAPH CAREFULLY BEFORE BLASTING ME!!      But you are a Christian Minister; how can you be for TAOism? Slow down. Slow down. I didn’t say TAOism. I said T.A.O.ism.      T.    = Think   … Continue reading

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P.U.S.H. A friend sent me a story today that ended with the        thought:       PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS.  So for fun, I  decided to create a few more of these P.U.S.H. acrostics. .     … Continue reading

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Home with Heather

GUTS is all about faith being real, courage, compassion & down to earth living. Heather Gauthier is all those. This heartwarming glimpse into her family will fill your  heart with good stuff, to help you have a better week. I … Continue reading

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G.U.T.S. – Thanksgiving 2011

  Thanksgiving. Ever stopped to think that that word is made up of two words? Thanks & Giving. Thanks leads to giving. To be thankful makes one giving. Isn’t it interesting that we “give” thanks. Remember to be thankful for … Continue reading

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The Will of God – To do the will of God; come to a quiet willingness to accept His purposes above your own plans.

The biggest problem in our doing God’s will is we get our will and His will confused. It is hard to want what God wants, while you are predominantly concerned about what you want. This is the great conundrum of … Continue reading

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The Keeping Power of The Lord

Thanksgiving Message {because more than anything else, I am thankful for}: The Keeping Power of The Lord!   The morning verse will be: “The Lord bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you and give … Continue reading

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G.U.T.S. (17) Grow Under The Surface

G.U.T.S. (17) Grow Under The  Surface – It is the root that  determines the life of the tree.  The unseen things we do,  develop our character and  make us better people.  Developing Godly hygiene  is done in private. Sharing  it … Continue reading

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