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The Hollow Of His Hand

My friend, Lora Rossi  @thehugginghome regularly shares her poetry on her site and it is wonderful and I enjoy it. I am not known as a poet. I am known as a rough around the edges guy. But believe it or … Continue reading

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Twitter Review #1

As many of you may have sensed; I am not a half-hearted person. When I do something, I really go for it, as a general rule. So, when I decided in September of 2011 to build a BEAM {blog}; I … Continue reading

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   Like a lot of my BEAMS. This is for you but also something I am working on myself.  Candidly, I  have been through some act of God experiences that most people will never have to endure. And for you … Continue reading

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Noah Rossi – A young man with GUTS

Too good not to share!!! FROM: THEHUGGINGHOME http://www.thehugginghome.com/2012/01/special-guest-post-hockey-home.html#links THURSDAY, JANUARY 05, 2012 Special Guest Post: The Hockey Home Hello readers! Today I would like to introduce a very special guest blogger. EXTRA SPECIAL!!! His name is Noah Rossi. He is … Continue reading

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Tough Guy Quiche

My friend Lora Rossi says real men like Quiche; so thought I would share a  recipe!!!  lol but for real… …………..MY DAUGHTER SAYS ADD HOT PEPPERS TO MAKE IT MORE MANLY! click on links below to see the recipe…. Asparagus Cheddar Quiche … Continue reading

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G.U.T.S. A+ list

This list is dedicated to people of unusual character, commitment & courage. / / FOLLOW FOR YOUR OWN BETTERMENT & PERSONAL GROWTH! ———————————————————————————————- YOU CAN FOLLOW ON TWITTER THESE TWITTER LINKS ARE NOW CLICKABLE FROM THIS SITE! @thehugginghome      … Continue reading

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Witty, Warm & Wonderful

     Everyone needs a pick me up. Just ask Lora Rossi who describes life as a Yo-Yo in her most recent blog. That is what I love so much about her site and her influence.  It is effective but sweet.   … Continue reading

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