Twitter Review #1

As many of you may have sensed; I am not a half-hearted person. When I do something, I really go for it, as a general rule. So, when I decided in September of 2011 to build a BEAM {blog}; I did just that. I went for it. Constructed 100 BEAMS (posts), wrote at least 100,000 words and attracted a little over 1,000 viewers and coming up very shortly, will have 1,000 Twitter followers. Yes, I have been busy.

     I wrote on God, sales, karate, people with courage, my sister and composed creative word games.  Through the course of this, I learned to integrate visual interest, photographs, outline, tags, timeline and other vital components to make gutsisthekey more reader friendly.

     But this was always an experiment. I believed God wanted me to do it. I wanted to do it. So I did it. And now this experiment has yielded some results. Results can not be harvested without analysis. So, I decided I needed a break to review and digest what I have learned about Twitter, my BEAM site and my online presence. So, I took one…..  I liked it. I will probably do it again, in the future. But I’m back for now.

     My friend Steve Gutzler @SteveGutzler unplugs on Sunday’s. My friend Lora Rossi @thehugginghome is like a bright candle who seems to periodically back away to refresh her mind.  I see my needs somewhere between the two. I like Steve’s suggestion. He uses Sunday. But for me, With grown kids and a wife who is always preparing for the week (she is a teacher); Sunday is a pretty good time for me to enjoy Twitter usually. Still, I definitely intend to unplug from time to time. Kinda like I did for the last few days but more when I sense I need it, than a prescribed time. [This is subject to review].

     You have heard of the midnight rider; well I am the midnight BEAMER. I no longer seem to have insomnia. I have great peace as a general rule. I just don’t sleep much. So nights, I read, write and pray….  I don’t see this changing right away, if at all.  So you are likely to hear from me at odd hours. This seems to work on Twitter. Since people who are interested in your work will read back far enough in your Twitter stream to see what you have been up to during the day before.

      So I am a Strange Duck. Yep. That’s me……. I talk a lot about prayer. Because I pray a lot. A whole lot. Nuff said, for now.

I talk about being rough around the edges, because I am!   Steve Gutzler @SteveGutzler called me “Slam” in college, because of my explosive tendencies. Some things never change. I live up to my name.  But I have definitely matured with age.  I talk a lot about spiritual things. Cause its what I think about; …. always…. For real. I walk in a little different dimension than most, it seems. (Twilight song. Na. Na. Na. Na. L.O.L. but really)

     So, I have this spiritual knowing that I am supposed to be doing this Twitter & BEAM thing but I for sure don’t see the bigger picture yet; though I begin to feel that there is one. I recently had a new friend made via Twitter write a message to me that is kinda monumental for what I think this break was all about for me: “ If it resonates in you…listen! ”  Nadine C. Goodine @nadineCgoodine Yet, being the spiritual listener of Jesus that I am; sometimes I have to cut the radio off to hear. I didn’t say cut the volume up. I said cut it off!

      There is this place of “Thy Will, not Mine,” that I have to come to – to get my signals straight. — So this break I took will probably be the first of more to come. Simon & Garfunkel sang about the sound of silence. I have learned that this is a beautiful sound and sometimes I have to cut all the other sounds off, to find it.  

     I nearly drowned one time jumping into the swift current of a river. The Twitter Stream is like that for me. Wow. What a ride. What a rush.  I jumped in with both feet initially and it took every thing I got in me, to get back to the bank.   [Ok. That’s a little drum roll drama!  😉 ].  Still, when I made it back to the bank, from my first swim in The Twitter Stream; I found myself asking myself: “Do I jump back in the river or Do I crawl out here?”  I have learned very vividly that just because I can do a thing; does not mean that I should do it! 

     Yet, I found that as I asked myself this question; I became re-assured that I had made a good decision in the first place hopping in this river. So, since more is not always better for me; the question seems to be now, not so much do I want to be in the stream…. but How do I want to be in the Twitter Stream?

     Here is some of what I discovered. This break from Twitter was my first official review of what and how I am doing in this very social network. But it will not be my last. I will from time to time take such a break, to make sure I am in tune with my Creator and my own instincts.

     Here are some specifics of what I feel my Twitter direction is to be in the near future.

  1. As of right now, Twitter is for fun.. I make no money from it. So, the point is to love God, help others and enjoy it. When it seems to much like work. Look for me to back off for a little while.

  2. Twitter & my BEAMS could turn into something professionally rewarding and at that time, I will re-adjust, if needed.

  3. This task is a “get to,” not a “got to.” Like most of the rest of you, I have faith related, family, career and other passionate pursuits that come first. I intend to keep this healthy perspective in mind.

  4. Regarding: Follow-backs, I do not automatically follow.  I “generally follow” unless: 1- I suspect dirty or foul mouthed content. 2- You are obviously an autobot that I do not see the specific benefit of following 3- all of your tweets are in another language [not being prejudiced, just can’t read them to evaluate them.]  4- I will not follow you, if you seem only to exist to promote some product that I am not especially excited about. & 5- I will not follow you, if you spread pornography or spam. [Please note: Twitter seems to auto-unfollow. So if you find yourself unfollowed it may not be on purpose. Write me about it if you suspect that is the case, please!]

  5. Long-term, I do not know if I will wind up more in ministry or business. So you may sense this from my Twitter stream that I do both. But ministry has never been and will never be, about money for me; so it is likely that both will necessarily be present in my life & Twitter Stream at the same time, side by side. So I will continue to have a high emphasis about God & faith in my Twitter theme; while I also pursue professional (especially sales) development topics, at the same time.

  6. My BEAMS & this Twitter thing are definitely a work in progress; so be aware that my efforts are tendered with a disclaimer that I am likely to change with time, as I learn more and see more.

  7. One thing I definitely want to achieve is a more content driven Twitter stream. I do not want you to have to read through lengthy lists of promoted names and mindless social networking jibberish to get to the point of what I am trying to say in my Twitter Stream. I am going to work on making my stream VERY content driven.

  8. Since I am clearly guided by God in my life; I want my Twitter Stream and gutsisthekey BEAMsite to reflect this in their composition and thoughtfulness.  I will make mistakes. But with God’s help I will fix them, as possible.

  9. I can’t help it. I love a lot of you guys. {Don’t want to help it either.} I have found a richness of relationship in my Twitter friends that I never knew was possible in social networking. This has been very fulfilling and rewarding. Many of you I have never met in person and miles separate us but yet, we are very genuinely close. As far as I am concerned; we are as close as neighbors next door. Nope, CLOSER than that some times. Some day, I hope to meet many of you if God or business allows our paths to cross.

  10. For some of you, your Twitter stream is primarily or at least greatly, income related. I understand this and try to be respectful and supportive. I encourage you to Direct Message me regarding any ways that you feel I may benefit you.

  11. SALES is definitely an ONGOING TOPIC for me. I am a powerful public speaker. I am an experienced sales trainer with a diverse and multi-faceted background. It only makes sense for me to continue to grow and contribute in this area. Here are some ways I will do it. 1) Original, daily sales related Tweets. 2) Daily RT Promo of Sales Professionals that I respect. 3) Periodic BEAMS of high content in gutsisthekey 4) Upcoming High Priority projects that I am pursuing with certain of you that are sales related..

  12. GOD IS REAL. Sometimes, I get the strong impression that He has a message that He wants to birth through me, for some of you.  You will see definite segments in my Twitter stream, where I am “on a roll,” with a spiritual topic. When God’s Spirit is burning in me; I must obey and bring His message. This will continue.  I will continue to tweet original thoughts about God.  I belong to Him; so I must talk about Him.

  13. I do intend to continue to achieve a better balance in my life and the effect of this will be felt in my Twitter Stream. I teach Shotokan karate and this powerful influence helps me stay on track in many areas. I have not decided how much I will “Tweet” about karate. But it will certainly influence what I do, even if I don’t tell you about it.  Karate, Hmmm. It is Very important to me and a definite way I help others locally but not so sure Twitter is a good forum for this…… But then again…. So, jury is till out.

  14. I am not an autobot & I do not post automated repeat messages. Everything is fresh & new & spontaneous like me. I can imagine I may have to revisit this issue in the future but not now. If you see it in my Twitter Stream; I wrote it; real time.

  15. Regarding # Hash Tags – 1. I Use them to access time sensitive discussion groups; such as #Tworship 2. I use them to get the attention and file information in certain topics; such as #sales 3. I experiment with them otherwise.

  16. Klout is in for now. The +K feature proves to be a simple way I can encourage others & be encouraged.  I experienced the same frustrations others did with the point vacillations and since we are talking @ binary algorithms here…. If it works its great and if it doesn’t; Yucch!  So this position is subject to review. But for now, I will use Klout to bless you and will appreciate the same in return.

  17. Regarding ReTweets…  Steve Gutzler, Lora Rossi and Heather Travitz @heather31mom & Heather Gauthier @Heathermg1973 “my two Heather Friends” are highly esteemed buddies. We help each other. I want this to continue.

    There are others that have become good friends on Twitter Mel J @Melanie_Canada Nadine C. Goodine @nadineCgoodine Shirlena Comeaux @coppercourtyard  Brad Hanson @managementbrad  Brad Bennett @BradBennett  Deana Meadows @loveubotox and others (you know who you are).  I RT these people a lot.. But I am going to reduce the amount of RT’s compared to personal content overall. I Want my daily Twitter stream to have lots of personal content. ——-My hope is that my personal Twitter stream will be more beneficial to all of you, in this way.

  18. Oh, about Steve Gutzler. We are two warriors who became friends many years ago. I believe he is a really special human being and I am committed to being his ally, long-term. You will sense that for sure in my Twitter stream.

  19. I #FF sometimes …………… not all the time…….. to promote those I believe in. But I intend to do this less these days, because it seems to result in a personal Twitter stream full of names and very little content.  So once a month or so, I will try to do this on a Friday, just to offer acknowledgement to valuable contacts & friends. 

  20. Please do not get offended. I am not going to RT your #FF list & their #FF list and so on. I have too much original content I want to produce and I do not want the followers if the only way I can get them is to make my Tweets a list of names.

  21. DM’s... I hate non-personal DM’s.. If I send you a DM; it is something just for you, straight from me. I expect the same from you. I always respond to personal DM’s, unless they are inflammatory or rude. I like them. Please write me personally, if you like. I will respond personally.

  22. Regarding my close friends. I tend to be like a Bulldog @ my friends. I tend to stand by you  & promote you no matter   what. But I take my time developing these relationships AND keep this a short list, on purpose.

  23. FaceBook is generally for close friends for me; people I already know. But this is changing. If I get to know you on 

    Twitter or want to know you better; I may follow you on FaceBook but only if I think we would mutually benefit from getting to know each other better, as friends.

  24. Regarding Linked In. If you think we may benefit from professional networking; I invite you to introduce yourself in a message and we will connect. My profile is @

  25. So the summation of what I have learned in my review is not to get out of the Twitter Stream but to change the way that I navigate the stream. My Twitter Refocus as revealed to me that I should Stay the course, as a general rule, with the decision to step back periodically, review, revise and tweak the tweets. 🙂

    In conclusion,I wrap up my 

    Twitter review with another 

    fantastic statement that has 

    become a battle cry for me 

    that was generated by: 


    “Challenge yourself to 

       greatness. Go on…” 

About timothygrantcarter

Author, Trainer, Pastor, Spiritual Coach, Inspirational Speaker, 12 step follower Thinker, Entrepreneur, Outdoorsman, Hunter, Fisherman, Gardener, and Shotokan YonDan (5th degree black belt). Visionary; Maker of original sayings, slogans and giver of spiritual help. "If God has a pulse, then I can feel it." Nicknamed "Slam" / Creator of #Slamism ... 's on Twitter @cccdynapro
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4 Responses to Twitter Review #1

  1. Brad Hanson says:

    Tim, This article is another example of your degree of faith and love of people. You continue to inspire and move me. Great Effort! Brad

  2. Deana says:

    Hi Tim! Aka Slam :]

    What a great post!
    Thank you for inviting me and including me…
    I truly appreciate you and everything in this post
    I also have met so many wonderful people on Twitter, more than I ever expected …
    I follow such a diverse group of people and have
    Learned so much.
    I am definitely a people person !
    My profile says exactly who I am lol.
    I love sales and marketing, and I’m good at it.
    My passion really ? Is to capture life through my camera lens.
    I have been working on a project in hopes of bringing into light ,forgiveness .
    I was a victim of a horrible crime but I have forgiven.
    This is a huge project and I hope to reveal this soon.
    Every once in a while in life, you come to a crossroad, I call it? The desert lol!
    I hate the desert lol! But I embrace it as well.
    Its a place where you are isolated to oneself.
    A time for revaluation a deeper look into purpose and what’s important.

    I lost two very good friends and it was a tragic.
    so many people were affected and I am still trying to get through it.

    Thank you for all of your posts. I pay attention to them more than you know.
    I wanted you to know that.
    My content on Twitter? Well right now is communicating, so there is not a whole lot to RT
    lol :). I really appreciate your RTS. Even if its knowing Ft. Myers like the back of my hand lol.
    It shows me that you are letting me know u care.
    Im going to start a site, its called For The Love Of People. I wool start this when I get a new pc as mine is scrap metal lol. I do all my tweeting from my phone and all my reading of everything on twitter:)
    DM me any time 🙂
    BTW, my nickname is Scout…. My dad gave me that name.

    Your friend
    Deana Meadows

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