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Sew Good Stitches

     We must know the value of our work, for it to be fulfilling. We must believe that our work is good and that what we stand for is being expressed through what we do. Having defining values that … Continue reading

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The Added Oomph! Finish Strong.

The Power to Prevail & Win is often generated by a strong finish! A great deal is said about the importance of strong starts. This is one of the most popular ideas among positive thinkers. Yet, Just as important but … Continue reading

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My Unseen Friend

     A few years ago, I was praying silently before a meal in a restaurant and thought a waitress had walked up beside me waiting on me to stop praying, to speak to me. It was an overshadowing feeling that someone was … Continue reading

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In tribute to my mother; Mary “Louise” Carter 1925-1983

My mother has been gone since I was 24 years old but she remains the single most important influence in my life. I was definitely a mama’s boy. My mother was crazy about me and I was crazy about my … Continue reading

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Work on your speech like a good game of golf.

The Drive, The Fairway and the Putt. Start, Follow Through and Finish Strong! I am not a prolific golfer to say the least. Still, there are aspects of the game that explain key ingredients of making a good speech. In … Continue reading

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