Work on your speech like a good game of golf.

The Drive, The Fairway and the Putt. Start, Follow Through and Finish Strong!

I am not a prolific golfer to say the least. Still, there are aspects of the game that explain key ingredients of making a good speech.

golf 1

In the game of golf, you must hit the ball hard and straight off the tee, with accuracy. You must drive well. Likewise, in your speaking endeavor, you must begin your talk, with a very strong point. This is necessary, to gain the interest of your listener and convince them of the importance of your topic. It is critical, to start the talk off right.

golf tee shot

Thereafter in the game of golf, you must continue good performance on the fairways. This is comparable to the body of your speech, which must follow through on your good start.

golf fairway game

After the fairway, comes a really critical part in the game; the green. Everything you have gained from the tee and the fairway can be lost here, if you are not careful. You must Putt with precision. You must finish with finesse.

In the same way, you must finish your talk, with great care. Too much at this point or too little can ruin the achievement, of your whole talk.

golf putt 1

To finish, delicately articulate and deliver fine points that artfully craft the ball into the hole, i.e., the goal into the minds of the listeners. These finishing Points must clearly convey the major points of your speech. These points must hit the flag and score.

You must sense the “AHA” moment of the audience, when they get it. At this crucial moment, you must deliver neither too much, nor too little. Exacting execution is your finale!

Aha moment
Driving introductions start speeches with winning style. While fine-tuned finishes, end them that way! In the introduction, tell them what to expect with confident conviction. Deliver this in detail in the body, with a clear tie to their personal benefit. But in the conclusion, bring it all home; call for action and give them a reason to do it now!

Neither part of the game can be overlooked for success. You must drive hard and follow through well. You must finish carefully, with eagle-eye accuracy and aim. Both are important to win in the game of golf and in the speaker’s task. Start and finish strong!

"Slam" Tim G Carter - Inspirational Communicator - 336-688-7538

“Slam” Tim G Carter – Inspirational Communicator – 336-688-7538

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