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How do we know that Christ is at work in the world today?

The wonderful hope of the Gospel is not just that Jesus was a real & verifiable historical figure of the past. But the profound fact of His resurrection means that He is real and He proves this, by living in … Continue reading

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Desire, Motivation, Imagination and Inspiration Acrostic

A determined desire willing to push through pain & perspiration must be the mindset of meaningful motivation. Good Goals turn fanciful foolishness to Fearless Faith, and turn idle imagination to Incredible Inspiration-when you have a healthy heart willing to work! … Continue reading

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Black and White thoughts about Racism, today.

[(Dear Friends, this writing concerns Racism. So, I shared this with one of my closest black friends Larry Dillingham, whom is also a mentor. To make sure we can work together on these issues. He encouraged me to publish these … Continue reading

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July 4th 2020 post: I stand even if I stand alone!

I stand. Even if I Stand Alone. Here’s why. I was never taught anything but Racial equality by a great parents in a great country that I love! For me, The USA always been about all people of all races, … Continue reading

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