GUTS IS THE KEY – Public Think Tank of Timothy Grant Carter

WHAT IS GUTS IS THE KEY ALL ABOUT??? glad you asked……..

Have you considered using "Slam" as a Power-House speaker at your next event? 336-688-7538

Have you considered using Tim, aka “Slam” as a speaker at your next event? 336-688-7538 –

 Updated March 2017, This Page will give you a good idea of what is on this site! [site of Timothy Grant Carter – a.k.a. “Slam”] /// There are currently 275 personally published articles on my site.

If you are looking for specific articles, use the search function, Archives by month or by date, in the right tab.  

Read this page if you want to know more general information about the site.

This Site features many of my writings found no where else. I have co-authored 3 books and Solo-authored one book as of Today’s date.

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Tim’s Best Selling book published Nov. 2014

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So You opened my BEAM. Just out of curiosity? Good. You

won’t be sorry.  GUTS will keep you growing.

It will also keep you laughing, thinking, learning & inspired.                                                                                                                                    



                                                                             Who is Tim G Carter? “SLAM” ;  @CCCDynaPro on Twitter; is a Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author, Outdoorsman, Shotokan NiDan Karate Trainer. Known for Original sayings, & visionary insight and Motivational KeyNotes!!!   

             Why BEAM?               

Sounds better than blog doesn’t it?

                               [what I’m all about. See below]                  

************************************************************* Do you like original sayings, slogans that shoot straight, drive hard, tell the truth & hit home?  Do you want more Inspiration in your life? Do you want to improve your work and work to improve???????  How about sales tips you can use? …..    If so, to any of these.

You’re in the right place.                                   


                  Why GUTS?  

Meet me: Tim Carter, a guy with GUTS.


Author, Karate Teacher, 



Speaker & Writer.

Yeah that’s me.  

Inspirational but a little rough around the edges.”

Yeah that’s me too.

Guy who’s been through a bunch of stuff, thrown down hard repeatedly and still gets back up with enthusiasm to win.  Yeah thats me also.

Why write this blog? Because I’m supposed to.. / [Bosses orders]

[contents clarified by a TimeLine drop down menu to the right]

{Locate BEAMS on topics of interest in TAGS, also to the right}




Only use the word blog so you will understand me. So my

BEAMS are meant to be exactly that:  Beams of light to

strengthen and help your life. So I am BEAMing daily.


BEAMS =  Fresh, Clean, Original Brainstorms & Heartstorms, Word 

Game Creations, Unconventional reverence, Colloquialisms & 

earthy thinking, life celebration & Supernatural Messages that 

are rough around the seams, like I am. 


       This picture? It’s a seed. Turning into

a plant. It has been my personal logos for many years. Notice

it grows up and down. (Yeah, if we don’t grow a root; we are

not going to be healthy. So we have to grow down too!)

So anyway, read my blog & we will grow together like

this seed.  That’s what GUTS is all about!!!!!



/////// 03-12-2017; Life is busy and so am I … But not too busy to keep sharing my ideas and thoughts with my readers. So GutsIsTheKey goes on. Changed the format of this site end of last year and this should make it easier to find writings I have produced here. Have added a search function, to help you find what you are looking for……… Currently writing a whole lot less sales articles and a lot more prayer and inspirational materials. Doing some general personal interest articles. And Sprinkling in some new karate materials here and there, as my training and teaching #Shotokan goes on and forward. Finished and promoted “Discover Your Splendor” last year. Currently working with other authors to develop their materials through Splendor Publishing. Also, have been working for some time on my next book, which I hope to come out with the end of this year. “Dear Life” . This will be a 365 day meditational reader designed to help anyone with needs for “recovery” in their life. [From broken relationships, substance abuse, alcoholism, emotional disorders and etc.] It will be focused on helping people build and rebuild a life of hope, health, and serenity based on personal adaption and application of the 12 recovery steps.

/////// 01-26-2016; The Pace of articles has slowed down a bit. I apologize but life is real good & real busy. But fear not, I will continue to write fresh material. I have a new co-authored book coming out in February. “Discover Your Splendor, In Life.” I have been blessed to help coordinate and compile this book, with my wonderful friend and publisher, Margo DeGange & Splendor Publishing. Make sure to look for this at

///////07-19-2015; In an effort to make the site clearer to read and easier to navigate, I have switched from Sunburn to Gateway. I hope you like it! Also, I have redesigned the way the site works a little to make it simpler to get where you want to go! Slam-

//////05-07-2015; Make sure to visit my speaker’s page now updated to / link:

//////01-09-2015; Ok, so now I have released 2 co-authored books and 1 Solo Authored book and have changed the world!!! LOL – My world at least! And from the sound of the comments of many of you who have read Positive x Positive = Unlimited ; link:;  maybe I have helped change a little bit in your world too. Keep reading here at GutsIsTheKey and we will continue to grow together… Oh!!!! By the way, thank you for helping me break records today, with more views today than any previous day in this site’s history!!!!

You should know that a much better professional website is under development but at this time I intend for that site, to market my professional services and not effect what I do here at all. You can look forward to getting fresh doses of inspiration and my writing right here at for a long time to come.  SLAM

//////09-10-2014; So those of you who have been with me a while have gotten to see me grow some. Part of that growth has been co-authoring a couple of books. Now, I am coming out with a book of my on, in November. It is called Positive x Positive = Unlimited. It is designed to not only help you add more satisfaction and fulfillment to your life (particularly your work life). More than that, it is designed to help you get multiplied positive results. And yes, some of the material was developed right here on  – – Stay with me on this writing journey and I will continue to supply you with fresh, insightful and inspirational [original] material. “Slam”

///05-26-2014; Thanks to you Guts Is The Key readers who have been with me all the way. It is obvious that I have grown a little. This site now features over a million words; the equivalent of about 10 books. LOL but really. Last year, I co-authored my first published book. This year, I will co-author another AND come out with my first solo book, the end of this year. I promise to keep coming at you, with inspiration, career fulfillment guidance, sales tips, karate articles and straight talk on how to have a good life.  I know that my strength comes from a Higher Power than myself; so don’t worry about me getting a big head or getting off track. Keep reading Guts Is The Key and I will stay faithful, to the task of supplying you new Positive Material. Tim …. a.k.a. “Slam”

/// 11-21-2013 So its official, in addition to other duties; my primary career aims for the rest of my professional life are in the field of  public speaking and sales training. Here are links to 3 articles I have written about this announcement. GutsIsTheKey is a reflection of me. So I just wanted my readers to know what I am up to.

/// 8-10-2013 Two years ago; 213 BEAMS (articles) later & 350,000

words ago: I first began 2 write my thoughts here… 

/// 7-31-2013 @DaleLongenecker was a guest author here in July &

wrote a great piece for GutsIsTheKey on developing wisdom and a

strategy for personal Social Media efforts. He offers the insight of

homespun values coupled with the savvy of an electronics &

computer expert at:

/// 1-10-2013 – Last year in Review: This is what the numbers

say about GutsIsTheKey Readership for last year; 2012.

/// 9-6-2012 I would like to thank those who have been with me

for a while now, at Gutsisthekey and welcome those who are new

readers. I try to keep personal topics coming, even though the 

professional writings have grown in number. Sales Tips are now

a regular feature of Gutsisthekey. But like all the rest of my

writings, even though professional; they are still reflectors of

me & “a little rough around the edges. Stay tuned as I will

release more of these sales tips, 100 at a time, as I continue

to write and release BEAMS of inspiration & courage.

/// 3-22-2012 Gutsisthekey is a reflection of me and as such, its

flavor will change with my life’s directions. A major part of my

life has been my sales career. Professionally, it has been the 

largest part of my life. I have had seasons where ministry was

full time But For The Most Part; my career has been sales related.

Like so many areas of life GUTS really is THE KEY, in a successful

sales career. I am making a major career move into Sales training;

particularly in the area of sales fulfillment.  This will benefit 

companies by improving the morale, performance and profits from

their sales dimension. This will benefit individuals by helping them

sell more; BUT MOST ESPECIALLY help them, by aiding in the 

satisfaction they get from their selling positions.  This is a 

big, positive change for me and I believe it will also be a big 

positive help to some of you. So look for the Selling Category to 

increase in size & content. But as always GUTS will be the Key!

///02-17-2012  Yes, I like old sayings. A personal fave is “Hindsight

is 20/20.” Meaning of course that we can always see perfectly 

what we should have been doing, looking back. So we have 20/20

vision when seeing what we should have done. Yet, when we take

what we have learned looking back & apply it to what is happening 

looking forward; we may not have 20/20 but we for sure have 

clearer vision, than if we don’t inventory from time to time.. —

So in order to enhance GutsIsKey going forward; I took a good look

back to see what I could learn. The results of this review can be found

at : .

So anyway the bottom line is 1) I have confirmed that God still

wants me to do this thing & 2) that there were some things, I

needed to modify a bit about GUTS direction. But overall, you

can count on Gutsiskey to be an ongoing source of courage,

inspiration, motivation and sales help. Oh, by the way: Guts

is going to feature some guest authors from time to time.

Want more? Good. Read on:


///01-16-2012  Another old saying goes that “Time Flies when you

are having fun. I suppose. But I have found that Time flies no

matter what.  Since I began this endeavor in mid September 2011,

I have written over 90 BEAMS. In other words, I am averaging

about 4 & 1/2 posts a week. —– Thats  a lot of writing. – – –

Some things have changed since I first started gutsisthekey and

some things have stayed the same. Things that are the same:

the general idea behind the BEAM, the celebration of courage

and people with it, the addition of more acrostics and word games

that teach a lesson; and me being ROUGH AROUND THE EDGES.

Things that are different: See timeline below for significant previous

developments.  Also, recently I have been giving the existing

BEAMS (posts) a face lift. I added an additional category and

developed and incorporated 100 tags into the posts, to make

it easier for you to locate posts by the topics you are interested in.

The top 50 tags will be plain for you to see & pick other BEAMS

to read.  This re-edit has been a fruitful task & made my site more

useful to my readers. So guess what. I am going to do it again.

As I do this re-edit, I reintroduce these topical posts on twitter

but still continue to publish new BEAMS. For now, this process

will continue.  As “Time Flies,” I will continue to try not only to

offer you “fresh” content but to improve the content that is

already here.  More GUTS to you!!!!!!    Tim-


///12-25-2011 Funny thing about being a messenger

of God. He gets to choose when He will use you. He

can use you anytime He wants. But The Boss gets to

choose when & where you can speak for Him.

Sometimes you think you speak for Him and you’ve

got a ways to go. And other-times you are surprised

at the power of what comes out of your mouth, cause 

you know it was God doing the talking.  Did you know

Moses didn’t think he could talk for God but when

God chose to use Him; all he had to do was be willing.

Its kinda like that for me today.  ——- When you speak

for somebody who’s perfect; when you blow it = you 

did it. When you get it right; he did it. That’s just the

way it is.

{I’ve fought a lot of battles with God’s help. Many that people know about. Some that people don’t}.










 ///12-3-2011   You may look forward to reading about 

life lifting lessons, I have learned from my Shotokan 

training in gutsisthekey.  I will be BEAMing about 

them, periodically.

/// 11-13-2011  So its clear by now that GUTS is the way I see

whats important in life & help you find the same; I hope.

But it is also, some pretty interesting word games & 

acrostics. Check out G.U.T.S. 1-69 on the drop down menu

to the right. >>>> Yes, you guessed it. There are still more

to come. Since I have just now released G.U.T.S. (16). 

/// 10-24-2011  By the way. I sell when the sun shines.

Also when it sets. Ok. Ok.  I confess, I am always selling.

So I suppose I should help you sell too. Read along in the

sales section & I will do just that.

Sell. Sell. Sell.

/// 10-14-2011 OK?

I’m making a little dent now in giving you a clue what

GUTS is all about. So now that you are getting the idea that

GUTS is mostly @ helping you; some ideas would be great.

 What do you need to find GUTS in??? I might just weigh in

on your subject, if I think I can help.  

Keep checking back for more G.U.T.S.






27 Responses to GUTS IS THE KEY – Public Think Tank of Timothy Grant Carter

  1. I admire persons that live their faith. From what I know about you are one of those persons.
    Best Wishes in your latest adventure my brother!

  2. Jessi Lohman says:

    LOVE the seed Logo! That is great.

  3. Mike Tyler says:

    Thanks for taking the time to create this “Beams” site. I have enjoyed the G.U.T. S. posts since they began. I re-post my favorites, ones that jab me
    or pick me up. We all need both jabs and pick-me-ups. Thanks again for sharing your time to do this work.

  4. Frank says:

    Tim ole friend, I don’ remember how many years but, you were the same yesterday, today and tomorrow because He’s got a hold on you and WON’T let go. Let us continue to turn the world upside for HIS Glory! Love you brother! frank

  5. Nicco Cobb says:

    You would have made an excellent bear, my friend!!

  6. denisebevard says:

    Love this site, and look forward to more beams!

  7. Terri says:


    Loved these beams! Love it that you use the phrase a guy with guts! So down to earth. I just have to ask. You kept referring to “the boss.” Who is the boss? Is it God? I love the love for God and the down to earthness of your site!! Thx for sharing ur likes and experiences. 🙂

  8. Terri says:

    Oh, and I forgot……loved that you used the donkey reference..hehehe I had to giggle at that one for a while.

    Bless Ya Bunches,
    Terri 🙂

    • Hi Terry, Some people take offense to the GUTS part but you got what I really mean by it = to be “down to earth.” Yep. God is the boss; at least for me. Jesus used parables. So I hope He is leading me in sharing “love for Him,” in an “earthy” way that people can relate to. …… Oh, and I like “Bunches of Blessings.” Thank you. Tim-

  9. Grady Brown says:

    Love your b e a m s.
    Linked you to my Facebook. GradyBrownJr
    Linked you to my Twitter SouthMicro

  10. Just learned about your blog….following trail from blipfm through Algernon (fxp123), a mutual friend. Sounds like my kind of blog (love ‘Beams!!) Wish I blogged (daughter accuses me of blogging on blip).

    We follow each other on blip…at least, I follow you…and now I added you on twitter. Thanks, Tim..looking forward to reading more!! Truly love finding people who recognize that they are God inspired!! 🙂 flo (Dancer12 blip, Dancer30815 twitter)

    • Yes Florence, I also follow you on blip. You are a refreshing blessing! Look forward to us connecting on Twitter too. I tend to keep Blip & Twitter separate for reasons to lengthy to get into. God bless you. Thank you for following my BEAM :)))

  11. Tim, If “Guts Is The Key” then “Timing Is Everything”

    It was my destiny to log into my linkedin account and click on your profile tonight-yes indeed!

    Your words are truly beams of inspiration-yet again you get to mentor me-lol, hey- “I get by with a little help from my friends”!

    Men too need words of Encouragement and I’ll use yours to better my state. Within days I will start a new chapter of my life and now I know I’ve got the GUTS to do it!

    To thank you for your words of Inspiration thought I’d paste a copy of my favorite poem for your ‘lil beamers to enjoy.

    from Robert Frost…..

    “The Road Not Taken”

    TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,

    And sorry I could not travel both

    And be one traveler, long I stood

    And looked down one as far as I could

    To where it bent in the undergrowth;

    Then took the other, as just as fair,

    And having perhaps the better claim,

    Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

    Though as for that the passing there

    Had worn them really about the same,

    And both that morning equally lay

    In leaves no step had trodden black.

    Oh, I kept the first for another day!

    Yet knowing how way leads on to way,

    I doubted if I should ever come back.

    I shall be telling this with a sigh

    Somewhere ages and ages hence:

    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

    I took the one less traveled by,

    And that has made all the difference.

    Thanks Tim!!!!

    your friend,

    Robert Berube

    i’ll be in touch we’ll do lunch!

  12. Pingback: “Slam’s” Sales Tips 251-500 « gutsisthekey

  13. I really Believe that blog post, “gutsisthekey” was
    indeed good! I actuallycould not agree together with you more!
    At last looks like I actuallylocated a internet site very well worth checking out.
    Thanks for the post, Nadia

  14. says:

    Great blog Tim. So many insights and valuable info. Really enjoy your beams! Smiles…Lora

  15. fibivens says:

    Great reading these again, Tim!! I save them if I can’t read at once…love your Inspiring self to pieces!! Often mail to my sons and daughter.. tweet them..and/or share on face book! Keep ‘Beaming’ … The ‘Boss’ loves you and so do I !! ~flo

    • Flo, you are a bright spot. Have you subscribed so that each article will come to your e-mail? Thanks for your thoughtfulness and encouragement. The “Boss” loves you to & so do I… 🙂 Tim

  16. Pingback: Slam’s Sales Tips – 301-400 – Expertise is Power. | gutsisthekey

  17. some word u say here,i like “Business Man, Karate Teacher, Outdoorsman, Speaker & Writer” becouse im an accounting but i like to make a blog too,very inspirated.but my english still bad,becouse not my national primary language

  18. I love your style, Slam! You go straight to the point. I appreciate that you write about every day issues that can get in the way of the Big picture. The metaphors are very helpful. The BEAM works like a « RedBull » injection; as a result readers can receive immediate benefit in both personally and professionally. Keep it up!!! – Giovanni Gaudelli

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