Slam’s Sales Tips – 301-400 – Expertise is Power.

     The first two helps in this series of sales tips deal with the power of expertise and knowledge. Establishing a higher level of proficiency can increase your performance and appreciation in any career position. Especially in the sales dimension; proficiency and expertise are crucial to higher levels of success.  What do I mean? Here is a personal example in my current selling of steel buildings and structures.

     I have heard it said; “Anybody can sell the same product with the same features at the same price.” REALLY? No way! This is a falsehood. A quality salesman will get the order nearly every time, in this circumstance! I do! It’s Like taking candy from a baby.

     First of all, my product is better; because they are buying it from me. Second of all, my product is better; because I will help my customers appreciate it more. If you think your product or service is the same as mine, I hope you move in across the street. Your customers will come see me and they will not come back to you. I am all about angles. Angles are marketing advantages and the use of them is certainly an expertise.

    Marketing advantages are matters of perceived value. What do I mean?  Lets use an example from my on business. I sell utility buildings, barns, carports and garages. Recently I went to another sales center and heard the representative say:  “No, we do not offer concrete slabs.”Almost immediately the customer turned around, got in his car and left. He didn’t announce it to the salesman but it was his way of saying: “Ok, then; I will go somewhere else that offers me the service I want. “

      This is terrible selling strategy. Do not announce a negative. Find the assets & benefits of your product or service and focus on making the customer aware of these positive reasons, to buy from you.  “I Don’t have slabs.” Never! You may be sure that I do not say that to a customer.

      Now the bottom line is that I do not offer concrete contracting services either, directly from my company. I do not want the headache of integrating this into my sales contract. I do not want to take on the liability of concrete work. Nor do I want to take the emphasis off specializing on the high quality of the building structure itself.  However, the perception that I convey to the customer is completely different than what I heard from my poorly spoken colleague. 

      When my prospect asks “Do you offer concrete slabs?” My answer is “I have discovered that it is better for you; if I have it set up; so that the concrete contractor reports directly to you. That way, you can have tighter quality control, of that part of your project.”

     I explain to my prospect that the other guys really do not employ their cement contract people and that they are sub-contractors anyway. Subcontractors, who may or may not make slabs to the customer’s wants & needs, because they answer to the building co. and not to them. 

     I tell the prospect that I have established a relationship, with a good concrete man; who will answer to them, the customer. Someone, who will make sure the slab is to THEIR satisfaction. I hand them a card from this contractor that I highly recommend and make them aware that they can trust him. Also, I tell them that I stay informed as the project goes along, so that I can manage the whole process for them.

     They get the best of both worlds; my expertise and the expertise of the concrete contractor.

     I explain to the customer that they may be able to use a standard slab or: be required to build a monolithic footing. I let them know that this is best decided and handled by a specialist, after he has looked at their lot. I discuss with them some of the really important reasons (like frost line and proper water drainage ) that make it crucial that the concrete man answers directly to them.

     But to maximize their value and time; I provide them this specialist who knows all local codes, without them having to search this out. I set this up for the prospect and assure them that I will work  with them directly, as needed this preparatory phase of their project. They see before they leave that I am able to give them more personalized service and higher quality, than my competitor.  

     Before I get the customer to commit to next steps (which I will), he understands and believes that it is in his best interest to handle the concrete portion of his building separate from the building structure itself. So because of my expertise; my customer now see’s what I offer as an asset, not a limitation.

       In handling it this way, I assure the customer that not only is he getting the highest quality building at the best price.

     But more than that, We are making sure he is also getting the highest quality foundation at the best possible price. Because I am not skimming of the top, like my competitors do.

     And he is getting this service, from a specialist who still understands, how it must fit with my building structure, because he works with me But For them!

      I could just say “I don’t offer slabs.” But I could also lose the business.  I don’t think so.  I have practiced this angle to improve my expertise. Yes, it requires some serious knowledge in my field.

      But if you will be a big long-term winner in the sales game. You must continually make sure that your are presenting your product with the maximum possible value to your customer.


     How can you state your limitations as advantages? How can you approach  your product or service differently to add value in your customer’s mind, so they will buy from you? Those are key questions to ask yourself continually if you would increase your expertise.

      Are you starting to get it?  When the customer departs my sales center; he does not think,”They don’t offer slabs.” He thinks, that company has a better way of helping me get more of what I want. —– Yes, it’s an angle. A marketing strategy. Making lemons out of lemonade. But its true, honest and adds immediate and long-term value to the customer.

      Think about how you can “angle” your product or service differently, to make & retain more customers. Then you will become recognized as a greater expert in your sales field.

      Use these sales tips and knock the ball out of the park this week!

  1. #SalesCategory – Become an expert in your field .
  2. #SalesCategory – Knowledge is power. Hone your craft..
  3. A successful sales relationship is a positive interaction that culminates in the prospect making a buying decision …. with you.
  4. What can I do to improve my sales process today? Ask yourself this every day and do something about it and your sales will grow.
  5. #SalesCategory – Persistence pays. I can not count the times that calling a prospect “out of the blue” landed business for me.
  6. #Sales – Are you sure that prospect is not going to buy? Why not call and talk to him again one more time?
  7. #Sales – Failing to follow up is like asking someone to marry you and then not showing up at the altar.
  8. #Sales – Nice and sugar coated are two different things. People appreciate one and get annoyed with the other.
  9. #Sales – Positive #Selling is not for the half hearted. Every single day you must give your best.
  10. #Sales – Part of the love of the game can not be discovered until you try your best.
  11. #Sales -There is something new you can do every day to enhance your performance. Think about this BEFORE u go to work!
  12. #Sales – RT from @SteveGutzler Find like-minded friends who are solution finders and ultra-positive. #team #up
  13. #Sales – You not only grow by the successes but also by learning from the failures.
  14. #Sales – The day is done. It’s time for the tally. Each day, note what you did and did not do. Make mental notes @ how to improve.
  15. #Sales – Every business profits from an inventory. Your sales game is no different. What did you do right? What can you improve?
  16. #Sales – Used 2 have 2 wind a clock up. You must wind a sales day down. What did I learn? How will I apply it tomorrow?
  17. #Sales – RT @DrLauraHills No one who starts a business or has a baby really knows what he or she is getting into. #entrepreneur #parent
  18. #Sales – RT @DrLauraHills Let the giver know as soon as possible when a gift has arrived. Follow up soon after with a thank-you note.
  19. #Sales – Not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. How big is your “want to?”
  20. #Sales – Last sales job-They always asked; “Why does the oldest guy seem 2 get there first.” Fighter’s heart doesn’t have to shrink with age
  21. #Sales – First one to the door gets the most sales. There is no substitute for initiative in selling.
  22. #Sales – is like a good fight. You don’t quit till it’s over. Stay in the ring & keep swinging.
  23. #Sales – You can’t catch a fish-with no hook in the water. Increase your odds by diligence, consistency and persistency
  24. #Sales – Whats your secret? Tell you at lunch…. Do you mind if we pray before we eat?
  25. #Sales – What’s your secret? I want to be the best. The best that I can be. Every day.
  26. #Sales – What’s your secret? I’ll tell you as soon as I make this appointment.
  27. #Sales – Whats your secret? And the thought roles quietly through my mind: I believe in myself when no one else does.
  28. #Sales – offers the opportunity that every day be a new pageant of imagination and creativity.
  29. #Sales – is like an extraordinary paint by number painting. Every stroke is an important part of the overall success.
  30. #Sales – As long as there is something to sell and somebody to sell to; a salesman should never run out of income.
  31. #Sales – You can transform your sales image and your sales image can transform you.
  32. #Sales – My friend @SteveGutzler is thoughtfully helping me with targeting & focus. He thinks I have “Hot” helps in #Sales. I think he’s right.
  33. #Sales – DO NOT DREAD YOUR WORK. Look forward to it. How can you achieve your best, if your outlook is the worst?
  34. #Sales -A great sales effort is like a good race. U must not only compete. You must prepare. What are you doing to prepare for a great week?
  35. #Sales – As you prepare for the week. What are you doing to ramp up to be your most productive?
  36. #Sales – Believe to Achieve. No gardener would ever plant seeds, if he did not believe in a crop. Believe in your own positive outcome.
  37. #Sales – A good performer literally gives themselves constructive pep talks in preparation for the performance.
  38. #Sales -As U accelerate a car, you change the gears. How are you changing the gears from your weekend, to the production of your work-week?
  39. #Sales – What other trade asks its participants to be the most convincing, positive, goal oriented upbeat people that they can be daily?
  40. #Sales – Do you take your craft for granted or are you honing your skills? What will you do to sell better this week?
  41. #Sales – How can you achieve more, unless you feel better? Take care of yourself.
  42. #Sales – One of the few projects with perpetual beginnings & never ending vista’s of promise.
  43. #Sales* – mission is clear = to please the customer –
  44. #Sales* – I REPEAT “We like it when U like it . Thats our goal.” So simple but critically important attitude in sales.
  45. #Sales* – I REPEAT “We like it when you like it . Thats our goal.”
  46. #Sales* – “We like it when you like it. That’s our goal.”
  47. #Sales* – God is bigger than that mountain before you! Trust Him and let Him work it out!
  48. #Sales – What you believe will shape how your life plays out. Do you believe, “The Best is Yet to Come” or that “Your Best Days are Behind You?”
  49. #Sales* – good customer service is critically linked to effective sales.
  50. #Sales* – No sales approach can be effective without a good approach to customer service.
  51. #Sales – RT @4JeffBrown “A man should take away not only unnecessary acts, but also unnecessary thoughts,”
  52. #Sales* – You can only “assume” the sale AFTER U have earned the right to ask for the business. Have u asked enough ?’s?
  53. #Sales* – Are you Assuming or Asking??
  54. #Sales* – More sales are lost because of facts that are not known, than any other thing. Ask lots of questions!
  55. #Sales* – More sales are lost because of facts that are not known, than any other thing.
  56. #Sales* – Ok its not new news but if you aren’t practicing it everyday you are losing sales. Ask lots of questions.
  57. #Sales* -I love word games that teach lessons-especially when they help improve performance-Here’s one I came up with.
  58. #Sales* – I am like my old vintage Caddy; I only run well with premium fuel. Perhaps you are the same.
  59. #Sales – No one wants 2 buy from a cold fish salesman-Be alive, animated, interested and interesting-Be a gregarious student of life 2 sell!
  60. #Sales – is one of the few careers that you get to practice the flairs of your individuality each and every day and it be appreciated.
  61. #Sales – You don’t have to sell your heart out. You get to sell your heart in the passionate pursuit of sales excellence.
  62. #Sales* – tell someone @ ur favorite team, do u have a difficult time being excited? Get that excited about ur product.
  63. #Sales* – Present your proposals with passion.
  64. #Sales* – Per “Our value (professionally) is driven by the extent to which we’re valuable to someone else.”
  65. #Sales* – A salesman may be born and not made but a professional is made and not born. It takes incessant practice.
  66. #Sales* -Get a recorder. Listen to your own presentation. How does it sound to you? Get another opinion. Work on it.
  67. #Sales* -I have trained many salesmen that outsold others just because of enthusiasm-Beginners luck-usually is not luck
  68. #Sales* – A flat presentation is a -0- sale.
  69. #Sales* – The customer has said he’s going to buy; what else do you say?? Nothing. Write him up!
  70. #Sales* – Effective selling is not about You. Its about them.
  71. #Sales – different listening skills for each environment are needed to effectively close deals.
  72. #Sales* – Can’t say it too much. Listen better to sell more. Read:
  73. #Sales* -Sell yourself on ur product or service-Would u buy from u?-Do u believe in what u r ask ur customer 2 believe?
  74. #Sales* -Do your homework. Sell to THEIR needs. Do literal demonstrations. Avoid the desk trap. Don’t waste their time.
  75. #Sales* – Paying attention to detail can be the key to winning the confidence of the customer. Listen carefully.
  76. #Sales – Run from problems and you will only find them again, in different places and with different faces.
  77. #Sales- Utilizing Sales Training is like eating a good steak; Chew up the meat and spit out the bone. Use what you can!
  78. #Sales -Don’t give it a way. If u offer a good product at a fair price. Do all u can 2 communicate the value. State ur terms & hold 2 them.
  79. #Sales -Don’t beat the customer-Don’t let the customer beat you-Positive selling is not a battle-Appreciate ur customer & expect the same.
  80. #Sales – The customer is not always right-But the customer is always valued & the customer-Appreciate their view, even if u don’t share it.
  81. #Sales -People like integrity-If u say the price is the price-then let it Be the price-Don’t use different pricing scales for ea. Customer!
  82. #Sales – Are you a professional liar? Do us all a favor. Get out of sales.
  83. #Sales – If you are really a straight shooter; your candor will be refreshing to customers tired of hearing a line and will win you business
  84. #Sales – RT @SteveGutzler In every interaction today: What is one thing I can do to make them better?
  85. #Sales* -Sometimes u work at the top & sometimes u must work ur way up from the bottom-Have a good attitude either way!
  86. #SalesCategory –  Communication is about being effective. It is not always about being proper.
  87. #Sales – If you knock it out of the park; who cares any more about what the swing looked like!
  88. #Sales* -The workplace often calls us to work for those younger than ourselves. Do u do this with the wisdom u should?
  89. #Sales* – Slow grow is not No Grow. What do I mean? See:
  90. #Sales @giomotivation the major problem is getting 2 work on the problem-We will not fix it-until we get started-Let’s go!
  91. Multi-task stuff, not people. Look someone in the eye when you speak with them. Shake their hand when you meet. #salescategory
  92. Two sure ways to fail-Think and never do or do and never think.-Zig Ziglar
  93. Don’t let a little dispute injure a great friendship. Make peace if you can.
  94. #Sales is All About Storytelling…It Always Has Been, Always Will Be.
  95. When you build a relationship, the sale becomes a forgone conclusion, a no brainer . . .
  96. #Sales – People always want 2 know how much they will make, before they develop the technique 2 make it. #GetReal
  97. #Sales – Are you a professional liar? Do us all a favor. Get out of sales.
  98. #Sales -People like integrity-If u say the price is the price-then let it Be the price-Don’t use different pricing scales for ea. Customer!
  99. #Sales – A good sales attitude is like an ignition switch. You do not just put it in gear & roll it. You must definitely start with ignition
  100. #Sales – A good sales approach should always be like a planner or journal. You should always be working on it & have improvements in mind.


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