Simple Effective Sales Skill #1

   Last week I promised to take the three points in the BEAM
with Hard Hitting sales advice & make them come alive
individually. The goal is to make your pocket-book fatter, by
making your sales better.

Simple Effective Sales Skill #1 is Present with Passion.

     A flat presentation is a -0- sale.  

 If you do not have conviction in your voice, when you

tell your customers about your product or service; 

they may not get the point even if its true. 

     Remember sales is about communicating value. It is not

just you knowing the value but getting across to your customer.

Just because you “get it” does not mean your customer “gets it.”

     One thing is for sure though, if your customer does not believe

that you get it, you will never convince him or her, about it.  Tell

your facts with passionate conviction. Your customers will 

retain more and you will sell more.

     I have trained many salesmen that outsold others just because

of enthusiasm. Beginners luck, usually is not luck. It is just that the 

customer senses more genuineness in the rookie salesmen.

Remember people buy you, before they buy your service or product.

     How do you increase the passion, intensity and persuasion of

your sales pitch.  Here are some suggestions.

     – Get a recorder. Listen to your own presentation. How does it 

sound to you? Get another opinion. Re-record your presentation

after practice. Does it sound more compelling and convincing?

     – Ask yourself, would I have bought from me based on my 

presentation. How would I want a salesman to treat me differently

than I treated my customer?

     – When you tell someone about your favorite team, do you 

have a difficult time being excited about it. Of course not. Get

that excited about your product. Your customers will sense 

that you are genuinely impressed with what you are selling and

will be 10 times more likely to buy from you.

     – Did you believe what you were saying or did it come across

as a line? What could you do to make yourself more believable

to the customer?

    –  Find someone and practice who will listen and critique you.

Not comfortable but it will make you better.

    – Practice in the mirror. Do you like what you saw. Would you

buy from you. Make the image in the mirror sell you and you

will find it 10 times as easy to sell your prospect.

    –  Were you really interested in your customer. No one wants

to buy from someone who is not interested in them. Part of

your passion must be pleasantness. People like to be liked.

Did you go out of your way to be concerned about the 


     – Treat every customer as the only one.  That is the truth.

The customer must be paramount in your mind or they 

will go somewhere that they believe better serves their needs.

     – Write down 1 thing in the morning that will make your

presentations stronger. Work on that 1 thing, until you improve

with every customer.

     – Make the sale a matter of personal pride. The customer 

can sense when he is no more than a dollar bill in your eyes. Get

the same gratification from a sale that a batter gets from a 

home run. It is not just the money. It is the satisfaction that will

keep you hot in the sales game. And your customers will sense

this satisfaction and recommend to their neighbors that they

buy from you, because it is so obvious that you believe in what

you are doing.

     Passion is “a powerful or compelling feeling.” When you put

more energy into your sales efforts; you will get more results out

of them.

     Tomorrow we will add a match to the fuel of presenting with

passion and get better at active listening. Get ready to improve

your sales! Tune in tomorrow for more solid ideas on how.

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