Slam’s Sales Tips – 201-300 – Let the customer be right.

     Dear Guts Is The Key Reader. I spend time developing new sales tips; that is obvious, with an emphasis on “news you can use.” On top of this, I spend time going back through my sales tips, to improve them and utilize them myself. Yes, if they are good enough to help you. You better believe, I integrate them into my own selling activities.

Take follow your own advice

     When I first started publishing tips, I put them out 250-500 at a time. This was too many.  It is much better for your retention and my focus, if I released them a 100 at a time. So I have been going through these tips, updating them, improving them and re-releasing them, 100 at a whack. [Yes, whack is a good word! LOL].


     And as an added bonus to you, I am prefacing these new releases of my sales tips with #sales category training material, inserted prior to the tips. So, with no further delay; here is some sales rocket fuel; followed by the next 100 tips.

rocket power

     Since selling is based entirely on the art of persuasion. One of the most popular misconceptions of sales people is that they must convince customers that they (the sales reps) are right, to get them to buy. This is short-sighted. A more powerful approach to selling is to get the customer to buy, while empowering their own sense of “being right.”

     After all, it doesn’t matter what their opinion is of your correctness, if in the end, they write you a check and refer their friends to you, to do the same. So, get over your ego tripping to sell more. Do not get so hung up on being right, if you want to increase your sales. Rather, make sure that your customer see’s that you are passionate about their rights and their buying motives. If what they want is most important to you, they will sense it and be much more comfortable to buy from you.

customer relationship management

     Sometimes, customers practice deceptive ploys. (It is my belief that value oriented sales pro’s do NOT have to resort to this).  But it is important that while you are trying to place your importance on the customer’s perspective that you are not gullible for deception. I have found that you do not have to act like you believe a customer, if they are telling you a line. You just have to show respect for a customer, even if they are telling you a line.

respect, the truth of

     A lot of times customers come in the door with get-away story, that they have practiced and rehearsed. You do not have to buy these false pretenses. BUT generally these phony lines are only there, because they have been pushed into poor buying decisions by some high pressure huckster, in the past. Understand their motive and respect it, even if you honestly see through the false point. You can demonstrate tact and respect in this way, without buying into falsehoods. Remember, the customer has a reason for their buying behavior.

buying motives the why behind the what

     One of the poorest selling strategies is to be an antagonist. If you practice force feeding customers; you better not need their family member, friend or contact to buy from you. Because not only will your prospect never buy again, they will persuade others not to do so, also. It is the worst thing you can do for good brand development.

To make it today in sales long term; you better give some thought to creating and maintaining a healthy brand!

To make it today in sales long term; you better give some thought to creating and maintaining a healthy brand!

      If you can create an honest selling environment, where the customer feels like they win and you win also: then you have knocked it out of the park for customer retention and marketplace reputation. – – – This is sales dynamite that you can and should use every day!

sales dynamite

      So remember, let the customer be right and you will sell more. Read and apply these tips to your own selling situation, to watch your own sales numbers grow!

  2. #Sales – Its Ok not to believe a customer. Be respectful and polite-Even if they r concealing something-they may buy from u; if u show tact
  3. #Sales -Read what Dr. Dennis Waitely has 2 say about the Win – Win. This mindset is Crucial 2 a healthy sales approach.
  4. #Sales – Remember! Customers are sellers too. Make sure the things they sell u on r the truth & productive to the sale
  5. #Sales – If u ask yourself-what will help my customer? every time u meet with them-They will see it & buy more from you
  6. #Sales – Words are your most powerful weapon in sales. Develop the most efficient use of them-Here are some suggestions
  7. #Sales – Always ask 1 more question than you believe is necessary & really listen for your customer’s reply.
  8. #Sales – I like to help people. I am interested in helping you with #sales expertise.
  9. #Sales – Make it ur personal goal to build up every person that u come in contact with and your customers will love you 
  10. #Sales – When you are tired & selling. Drink lots of water. Take 5 min walk breaks & wash your face often. This will improve ur performance.
  11. #Sales – Sell to the customer’s reasons for buying NOT your reasons for selling.
  12. #Sales – If u don’t know, say so. Customer’s hate 2 find out you were just covering for a lack of knowledge-Get the answer & get back 2 them
  13. #Sales -Read what Dr. Dennis Waitely has 2 say about the Win – Win. This mindset is Crucial 2 a healthy sales approach.
  14. #Sales – Set a goal and a back-up goal for every meeting; in case the meeting goes different than the primary plan.
  15. #Sales – The definition of a successful meeting is one that moves you one step closer to closing.
  16. #Sales – The definition of a successful meeting is one that moves you closer to closing.
  17. #Sales – The goal of every appointment until closing is to set the next appointment.
  18. #Sales RT @NicoleVSanchez U R on stage every single day of life-Every 1 of ur kids-clients-friends r n ur audience-How will you influence?
  19. You are on stage every single day of your life. Every one of your kids, clients, friends etc are in your audience. How will you influence?
  20. #Sales – How would I want to be treated, if I was a customer? That’s a good attitude to have with a prospect.
  21. #Sales – What would you want, if you were a customer? That’s a good starting place for your presentations.
  22. #Sales -Be interested in your customer-for real-They can tell and it will make you a better salesman & a better person.
  23. #Sales – I’m holding a hair. Not worth much you say? What if I told you it came from Elvis Presley’s head? // Conveying value is CREATIVE!
  24. #Sales – I landed my last career move because I effectively communicated $11,000 value in a rock. TRUE.
  25. #Sales – If you are good, People will hunt you down 2 get you 2 sell for them-Absolutely true! #marketplace recognition
  26. #Sales – If you are innovative, creative and enthusiastic; you will always be sought after in this career path.
  27. #Sales – People from all kinds of cultural backgrounds and perspectives can prosper in this career path. This is mine.
  28. #Sales – Gives you the opportunities to interface and learn from all kinds of people.
  29. #Sales – is truly a secure occupation for the professional willing to change gears and sell in another venue, when the marketplace changes.
  30. #Sales – gives the person choosing this career path an unlimited number of varieties and directions to choose from.
  31. #Sales – is the creative interaction whereby value is communicated, transmitted, accepted and paid for by the recipient.
  32. #Sales – is all about the thrill of the hunt. You don’t know what I mean? – Never mind then.
  33. #Sales – If you are the kind of person that people come back after the sale just to be around you; U will win in sales.
  34. #Sales – U might be a good sales rep. ; if headhunters know you on a first name basis.
  35. #Sales – U might be a good sales rep. ; if your competitor wants to hire you.
  36. #Sales – U might be a good sales rep. ; if you see opportunities, where other people see none.
  37. #Sales – U might be a good sales rep.; if you always think of more and more reasons why it really makes sense for people to buy from YOU!
  38. #Sales – U might be a good  sales rep.; if you find yourself liking even the people, who don’t like you.
  39. #Sales – U might be a good  sales rep.;  if people really believe in you.
  40. #Sales – U might be a good  sales rep.;  if your employer gives all the “tough customers” to you.
  41. #Sales – U might be a good  sales rep.; if a prospect always calls you before any one else.
  42. #Sales – U might be a good  sales rep.; if a client sees NO ONE without an appointment but likes it when you drop by.
  43. #Sales – U might be a good  sales rep.;  if you like it, when your employer gives all the “tough customers” to you.
  44. #Sales – U might be a good  sales rep.;  if you keep calling on the guy who always tells you no & know that one day, he will buy from you!
  45. #Sales – U might be a good  sales rep.;  if a prospect telling you NO; just fires you up to do better with that same type of client next time!
  46. #Sales – You might be a good sales rep.;  if you believe your best days are ahead; even after your biggest sale.
  47. #Sales It is at least as much how you sell it as it it what you sell…. 
  48. #Sales It is at least as much how you sell it as it it what you sell….
  49. #Sales -state ur limitations as advantages-How can u approach ur product differently 2 add value n ur prospect’s mind?
  50. #Sales – I will present my product with the maximum possible value to my customer.
  51. #Sales – People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing. ~ Dale Carnegie
  52. #Sales -They see before they leave; I am able 2 give them more personalized service & higher quality-than my competitor
  53. #Sales – I tell them that I stay informed as the project goes along, so that I can manage the whole process for them.
  54. #Sales – My answer is “I have discovered that it is better for you; if”
  55. #Sales – Do not announce a negative. Find the assets & benefits of your product or service and focus on these –
  56. #Sales – Do not announce a negative. Find the assets & benefits of your product or service and focus on making the customer aware of these .
  57. #Sales – Almost immediately the customer turned around, got in his car and left. (They can talk without saying a word)
  58. #Sales – I am all about angles. Angles are marketing advantages.
  59. #Sales – Think Ur product is the same as mine? Your customers will come see me & they will not come back to see you.
  60. #Sales – You think your product or service is the same as mine?! – I hope you move in across the street.
  61. #Sales -Anybody can sell the same product with the same features @ the same price-REALLY? No Way!
  62. #Sales -Anybody can sell the same product with the same features @ the same price-REALLY? Nope! A quality salesman gets the order every time
  63. #Sales – After u have already made the sale; still ask your customer questions about why they bought from u-Powerful ammunition! #exitsurvey
  64. #Sales – @SteveGutzler My friend Steve tells me to Push my Passion. So I will keep writing more BEAMS like this one @
  65. #Sales – Considerate knowledge is the key. Knowledge artfully conveyed-not shoved down a clients throat, while you over-talk them. #SalesKey
  66. #Sales – Work on making a better U-A person who is genuine and wise-U will find that these personality traits will make u a better salesman.
  67. #Sales – The last one standing is a good sales approach. Continue to follow up on prospects after others quit & u will often win.
  68. #Sales – God has called some of us to fly. But before u can ever leave the ground-U must man the controls 2 the plane & B willing 2 use them
  69. #Sales / Fear Solvents = Faith, Knowledge, Confidence (not the same as Faith), Practice & a willingness to Try.
  70. #Sales – The key to high levels of success is overcoming fear and building real confidence.
  71. #Sales – To soar in flight, we must first be willing to leave the ground. We must take lofty faith steps.
  72. #Sales – more than any other career path consistently requires its champions to achieve high levels of personal power.
  73. #Sales – Higher Power is required to elevate us above the problems that so commonly beset us and hold us back.
  74. #Sales – We are born to achieve. We must Realize this destiny. Accept its responsibility. Believe in our potential & fly confidently to win.
  75. #Sales – God has called some of us to fly. But before you can ever leave the ground; you must be willing to flap your wings.
  76. #Sales – God has called some of us to fly. But before u can ever leave the ground-U must man the controls 2 the plane & B willing 2 use them
  77. #Sales –Maybe a fresh approach is all you need to sell more!
  78. #Sales – Maybe you have not stopped to see all the features and benefits of ur own product.
  79. #Sales – What you are offering could have more potential value, than you yourself have realized.
  80. #Sales – When you give your optimum effort each and every day to be the best human being you can be; you will increase your sales.
  81. #Sales- Never judge a clients ability to pay by the clothes he wears. Remember: Sam Walton wore jeans.
  82. #Sales – Under-commitment leads 2 lethargy. Your situation is unique. It needs your own unique approach-Design your best approach & execute.
  83. #Sales – Honesty and Integrity start with being true to God. He will help you be true to others. U don’t have 2 agree but it works for me!
  84. #Sales -I hate it when a salesman blows it & tries 2 cover up by a bunch of bull-I might still buy from them if they treat me with respect!
  85. #Sales –To B a person of ur word is critical 2 sales fulfillment. I hate the taste of foot but I like it better than crow-Own up to mistakes
  86. #Sales – 2 B a person of ur word is critical 2 sales fulfillment. To fail 2 do it, because u try 2 do 2 much looks like lying 2 ur customer.
  87. #Sales – To be a person of your word, which is critical to sales fulfillment. You MUST do what you say.
  88. #Sales – Under-commitment leads to lethargy. Life is a balance. You will never attain it, if you do not exert enough force.
  89. #Sales – Over-commitment leads to underachievement. Be a busy person but not an overwhelmed person.
  90. #Sales – Over-commitment leads to underachievement. You can put just as much effort into doing a few things well than everything 1/2 way.
  91. #Sales – Over-commitment leads to underachievement. Course corrections are continuously necessary for continuous improvement.
  92. #Sales – Over-commitment leads to underachievement. Stretch for your highest but be realistic.
  93. #Sales – Over-commitment leads to underachievement. Balance is a huge word. Tackle all you can but don’t bite off more than you can chew.
  94. #Sales -Yes, we all have to deal with jerks-JUST MAKE SURE before u think that @ ur prospect; u r not being one urself!
  95. #Sales – Even if u do not make the sale; be interested and courteous to the person. You will achieve fulfillment above ur level of courtesy.
  96. #Sales – Have an attitude of gratitude for ur customers. This mindset must B present for customers 2 want to buy from U. They have choices.
  97. #Sales – People are much more likely to buy from you if you tell them the truth. Be transparent enough to say you blow it some time. #Human
  98. #Sales – Creatively & Candid posturing, so that clients understand that you are dealing with deadlines on their behalf.
  99. #Sales – Quit worrying about what you can not do. And focus on what you can. Do the next right thing!
  100. #Sales – The goal is to be the best. The BEST YOU!

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