Athletic Competitive Spirit and Excellence in Youth

   For quite some time, I have built a great relationship with the head of the local high school athletic boosters. Kevan Callicutt is a young man, who puts his heart into everything he does. He is a great role model for youth and a perfect leader to inspire others, to higher thresh-holds of performance.

     Last year, I attended almost all of our High School football games, home and away. I really enjoyed this. It is a great way to spend time with a variety of people from the community. Also, I am interested in helping young people, in their athletic endeavors.

Bulldogs vs Salisbury 2013 football

     As many of my readers know, I teach Shotokan karate. And my lessons are free. It is another way, I can try to make a difference with the youth of today.


Me, with some of my karate students at a tournament…

     So, attending these football games was a joy for me, in a lot of ways. And in the process, I got more time to talk to the Booster Club President and my friend Kevan Callicutt. His father was the Register of Deeds for my county, a neighbor in the area where I grew up and a great friend of my family. So Kevan comes from good stock.

        To make a long story short, The Bulldogs made it to the playoffs by the skin of their teeth. But for a team that many times plays for the state championship; it was a disappointing season. And the thing that was the most disheartening was the lackadaisical, lackluster spirit of the athletes. They would stroll on the field, without zeal or passion. Often, certain players would display poor sportsmanship or a seeming “I don’t care attitude.” This really concerned me.

     Win or lose; it is my conviction that the high school athletic endeavor should inspire young lives to have a champion’s heart. And what is a champion’s heart? A person who does their best, to be their best in all situations. This is the core attitude of a young champion.

     I also watched football games from East Davidson High, where some of my children went to school. And there was no such poor attitude displayed by the players; regardless of the scoreboard.

Homecoming at East Davidson High School 2013

Homecoming at East Davidson High School 2013

        So, because of the concerns I had about the lack of zeal and spirit in Thomasville this year, I spoke to Kevan about them. In response to my concerns, he came to my office and asked me would I talk to the Booster’s Club, Educators and Coaches about the awesome privilege they have to greatly influence young lives. I agreed and look forward to being a part of this special young man’s efforts to spark new passion and purpose into the local program.

      The following 10 points are the keys that I have presented to him that we will concentrate on in our efforts. We hope to use these points, to drive a new sense of mission and purpose, to inspire  dedication to excellence in our local, young athletes. Attached is a video, expanding these ideas.

     I hope these thoughts will inspire you also, to ask yourself what you can do to inspire championship ideas, in the minds, hearts and performance of today’s youth, where you live.

Slam’s 10 Power Points To Inspire Athletic Competitive Spirit and Excellence !

Number 1 – Spirit happens when not only performance but even more so attitude becomes important.

Number 2 – A rocket booster increases a vehicle’s take off thrust and helps it escape heavy atmosphere. In the same way as athletic boosters, We should increase the thrust of the athletic Leaders and participants And help them overcome drawbacks. We should boost their performance.

Number 3 – – There’s probably no better indicator of a team’s spirit than how they take or leave the field. The field of play should be entered with a triumphant positive energy and expectation.

Number 4 – The field of play should be exited with evidence of a sense of pride and honor, regardless of the scoreboard.

Number 5 – If good character is to result from high school athletic training; Then it must be emphasized that the excellence practiced on the field Can not stop there. It must be carried off the field,  as well.

Number 6 – A motivational mantra that should be drilled into all leaders and participants is to seek perfection of character. This will result in better performance in the contest and in the whole of life!

Number 7 – For athletic  excellence to thrive and prosper in the high school arena ; then the concept of faithfulness must become more than theory. It must become practice. Faithfulness  to oneself, Faithfulness to ones team mates, Faithfulness to one’s  leaders and coaches are all part of the same ideal that must be strived for.

Number 8 – For athletic participation to accomplish the elevation of not only body but Also spirit ; a driving philosophy that insists that all leaders and participants do their best, to be their best, at all times must be earnestly adopted.

Number 9 – A champion’s heart can not be taught or found without a good dose of humility and respect for others.

Number 10 – The clean athletic endeavor often involves fighting with  intensity and always involves powerful competitiveness BUT never intentions of harm. We will not prevail as honorable competitors, with malicious intentions.

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