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Poem of Promise (expanded)

Poem of Promise – (Alliteration of Hope) Dreams and Drive; Passions and Play; Goals, Goodness & Gladness; Laughter, Listening and Love, Songs, Sunrises & Serenity; Joy, Justice and Jubilance, Fun, Freedom & Fulfilment; Trying, Truth & Trust. Find & Focus on these treasures … Continue reading

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Slam’s Hot and Sour; Green and Bean Mix – 2015 and a word of Caution.

As some of you know, I am a hot pepper aficionado. I raise them every year. I can them every year and I send them to friends, every year. No one enjoys a good hot pepper more than Slam. I … Continue reading

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The Spiritual Fruit of Service

In one of the most powerful passages in the New Testament, Jesus informs that as we do acts of kindness, to the least of those around us, then we have in fact done those deeds to God. this is so … Continue reading

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Slamisms; 201-300

My third, 100 #Slamisms In November of 2014, I published Positive x Positive = Unlimited and released it on Amazon.      My book made the Amazon Editors list of best books of 2014. Because of the its great initial reception and … Continue reading

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Faith struggles

A young friend once asked me: What are some of the things you still struggle with after you got closer to God? Are there things that you have to continue to ask God for help with? I felt like my … Continue reading

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