Slam’s Hot and Sour; Green and Bean Mix – 2015 and a word of Caution.

As some of you know, I am a hot pepper aficionado. I raise them every year. I can them every year and I send them to friends, every year. No one enjoys a good hot pepper more than Slam. I eat them with most meals, at home. I have enjoyed them my whole life, even as a child. My father and I ate them together and yes I have my share of funny stories to tell… Maybe I will start including some of them, with these hot pepper recipes.

However, I feel it necessary to weigh in on the side of sanity, regarding hot peppers; before giving you my recipe below. Up to the age of cayenne’s, serrano’s, jalapeno’s and even most habanero’s. You could reasonably eat any pepper, without seriously worrying if anyone would be hurt or harmed.

Now though, with the emergence of Trinidad Scorpion Peppers, Ghost Peppers and Carolina Reapers and etc. There are some peppers that are just too hot, to reasonably eat by themselves. These are relatively new horticultural developments and are not to be compared with the normal hot peppers I named above. By themselves they are just too hot for human consumption, for normal people. I have seen people cry, vomit, have severe diarrhea and more, eating these things. There is no way, this is fun.

Heck, they take some of these things and crush them and put them on fence lines, to keep elephants away. Others they use for mace. Take a hint. They are not just hot but insanely, ridiculously hot.

Paul Bosland, professor of horticulture at New Mexico State University has said: ” it’s unclear which would be worse: Popping a Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper in your mouth, or popping an actual scorpion in your mouth.”

While I know the secret substance in hot peppers (Capsaicin) is truly a miracle drug, good for the blood pressure, sugar and general well-ness. The old saying “Too much of anything is not good for you;” needs to be recalled here.

Here are some uncool things to do with your hot peppers says Slam.

1- Give them to anyone, unable to understand the effects and heat of these peppers.

2- Give them to unsuspecting people, without warning them of their heat.

3- Give the hottest varieties to children, even if they say they want them. This is child cruelty.

Ok, so I have had my say for sanity…. Enjoy your hot peppers. I sure do. But do not be a jerk and harm other people, to amuse yourself. It is a severe trauma, to give some of the hottest peppers, to people who have never eaten them. And they may not know what they are getting themselves into.

Now if they know it and are determined to eat it anyway, I will join you with the most vigorous laughter. But let’s not you and I be the guilty party to take advantage of the unsuspecting, with these very hot insanity peppers.

Yes, I raise these peppers. But I mix them with milder peppers and other foods before consumption. And when I can them, I mix them. Furthermore, When I test them in the garden, I bite a little off the tip and not right into the seeds. Some of them, I even wear gloves to harvest, to keep from getting the juice in my eyes, or other sensitive parts.

So, I guess that’s my suggestion, find which one’s mix best with certain foods and enjoy them. {But Remember; seeing just how much torture you can endure is not enjoyment}.

Now on to a mix that served with your beans (especially Pinto’s) or Greens, is truly delicious.


Slam’s Hot & Sour, Green & Bean Mix – 2015

 Hot Peppers in a circle

2015 Canning recipe (number 1)

– Makes 14, 16 ounce pint glass containers

–  A sea of Hot Peppers

  • 1/2 gallon apple cider vinegar

  • 1 Quart water

  • 1 pint specially “dilled vinegar” (on hot pickles for a year).

  • 3/4 cup of pickling salt; making these a little saltier than usual because of the intended use with beans & greens… 

  • 1 tablespoon pickling lime / no more.

  • 4 ounces of best pickling sauce from last year. (you can not do this, so just use 4 ounces of vinegar, flavored with you favorite spices).

  • 1 pint “tamed” pickling spices. {seasoned spices from last year} … You will not be able to do this unless you have kept seasonings from last year. So use instead on the shelf pickling spice (@ 2 oz.) with mustard, bay leaves, allspice, coriander, cassia, cloves ginger & black and red peppers, in the mixture. HyTop is a good brand if it is available.

  • Put a cup of sugar in the mix and stir in while boiling

  • a whole cup of sugar.. this is a sour mix, it still will not be sweet. This is needed for taste.

  • All the above boiled in a pot 15 minutes minimum

  • You now have your pepper pickling mix.

  • —————————————–

Hot Peppers on fire

  1. Vegetables as below. Cut all pieces first… Then stuff in jars…

  2. 14, 16 oz pint Mason Jars and clean lids

  3. 4 small batches of spring onions, harvest about 30 4″ sprigs including the heart of the onion and put in the jars ——— Evenly distribute these and the below vegetables in every jar.

  4. 30ish short cucumber sticks (From 8 whole good size cucumbers).

  5. 14 whole hot banana peppers

  6. 28, 1/2 hot banana peppers

  7. 14 jalapenos

  8. 14-20 cayenne peppers + @14 Thai Peppers

  9. 14-20 whole Habanero peppers

  10. 14-20, 1/4 to 1/2 cuts of bhut jolokia (Ghost Pepper)

  11. 28 cut sticks of hot banana pepper

  12. 28 cut pieces of squash

  13. 28 pieces of mixed hot pepper.

  14. approximately 40-50 hamburger sliced dill chips

  15. A double shake of Red Ghost Pepper sauce in every jar.

This Was Literally my Hot Pepper's under production this year!
This Was Literally my Hot Pepper’s under production 2014!

Ladle boiling hot vinegar mix in jars.

Put lids on very tight.

Boil with water level over the top of the jars for at least 15 minutes.

Tong out the jars and put upside down until they seal or pop. 

last jar 2012 Hot Pepper mix
last jar 2012 Hot Pepper mix

2015 Hot & Sour Batch under preparation\

Slam image!

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