Hard Hitting sales advice – Point #3


Two weeks ago; I promised to help sales professionals

 improve their sales process.

As mentioned, I’m into simple

things that work.  The following

suggestions are definites to practice,

if you want to improve your sales game.  

They will work to improve your sales, if you work on them.

     We looked at these collectively and now we

are working on them individually.

      As we said in a previous BEAM:

To sell more:

-Tell it with Passion.

-Listen with Intensity.

-Show it with Enthusiasm.


 Now, let’s improve the third of these three critical sales

components. We will get better at Showing with

Enthusiasm. And this will improve our process &


       Remember, this is rubber meets the road

training.  If we want to make our pocket-book fatter,

by making our sales better, we must improve these 

critical practices.  

    I GIVE YOU A guarantee: 

YOUR sales performance will improve, 

if  YOU improve Your excellence in THIS area.  


     To increase your sales, show your product or

service with enthusiasm.  

But this is common sense; you say. Maybe so.

Still it never ceases to amaze me how many sales

are lost, because of flat presentations. Zeal,

properly moderated, sells!

     Never forget.  The quality of your sales presentation determines whether a prospect buys from you or your competitor.  The presence of pizzazz and compelling persuasion can seal the deal for you. And the lack of it can send the prospect running elsewhere. In today’s economy the pie is not increasing very often. So if you want a bigger slice of it; most times you will have to take it from your competitor’s plate.  

Here’s some hard-hitting strategies in your sales approach that will differentiate you from your competition.

1. “An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure.”  Prepare your presentations well. More times than I can count, I have witnessed sales professionals lose the sale because they failed to prepare.  Today’s consumer is well-informed. They can tell if you are not. Do your homework. Be ready to make the sale. Prepare your materials. Prepare your comments. Prepare your knowledge of the customer.

     Make the presentation relevant to your prospect. One of the most common mistakes to make when discussing your product or service is to use a generic presentation. Canned presentations are seldom effective. Make sure the information that you present is cutting edge and on target to your customer. If you are submitting a Power Point Presentation; make sure it is custom tailored for your prospect. No one wants to feel like they are just a number. Personalize your presentations.

2. Sell to the clients needs, not your wants.  The goal is to create a connection between your product/service and the prospect. Show your prospect, how what you are offering will benefit them.  They are not interested in what you see the benefits to be. They are interested in buying what will benefit them. Cater your sales presentations towards your clients needs. They want to know whats in it for them. 

3. Don’t waste your prospects time. Sense when you are dealing with a driver. Some people want to socialize. Some don’t. Get to the point. Most people will appreciate that you value their time.

4. Use descriptive terms. Be animated. People don’t like to be bored. Use terms that are imaginative and picturesque. Practice if you have to but don’t be dull. Demonstrate with enthusiasm and energy. Literally practice in the mirror to see how you are coming across to your customer. Do not be monotone. Vary the pitch and rhythm of your voice.  Tape yourself to see how you sound. —- If you are making phone sales presentations; stand up. Put energy in what you say. If you are not interested in your prospect; your prospect will not be interested in you.

5. Find ways to physically demonstrate your product or service. If your prospect can touch, see, feel, hear, smell & sense your product; he or she will remember it. My brother used to call this; selling a warm fuzzy. Dry, dead, distant, dank, dark, drab presentations don’t sell. Alive, animated, interesting, provocative, stimulating, informative presentations do sell.  Find ways to make your product or service come alive to your customer.

6. Avoid the deadly desk. Too often a desk separates you from your customer and separates you from your sale. Get rid of the desk. So you can communicate better with your customer. Watch his / her eyes, body posture, emotion & comfort level. The deadly desk can take this from you.  —–  If you are in a situation where you have to be behind a desk; engage your customers. Try to create an environment that makes them comfortable with you and does not hide you behind a desk. You may need a desk to moderate and manage your sale. But be careful. Because, if the desk prevents you from being aware of what your customer is thinking or feeling; it can spell death to your sale.

7. Finally, Sell yourself on your product or service. Would you buy from you?  Do you believe in what you are asking your customer to believe in??  If you haven’t bought into your product or service; how can you expect your customer to???  If you can’t believe in your product or service; go to work for the competition. 😉

     In sales, you must Believe to achieve. Show your product or service with enthusiasm. Doing this will warrant your 

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