“Flawed & Jagged around the edges, but distinctly unique, just like me.” Steve Gutzler

Dear gutsiskey Reader,

     I am a student of people.  The Creator has
given me keen, trained insight into seeing what
is real in people. Powerful hunches that prove true;
yes, that’s me. Instinctive vision into people’s
hearts; yes, that’s me too.
     Strange mix; to be a rough around the 
edges (real rough) man, with GUTS and
also to be a minister.  Maybe if I was younger,
I could have prevented being so rough around
the edges…  but I could never be any other
than a Christian mystic; cause God decided before
I was born to make me that way.
     My point is that I am uniquely trained to 
see into people’s hearts & lives, with an 
uncanny vision of God’s insight. That’s 
where this story starts. A vision that I have
into the life of an incredible man; my brother Steve
     I was put on the west coast during a younger 
season of my life, to study the Bible and
make a special friend.
     We came together in college, as freshmen
in Los Angeles. Two souls bound to collide.
We invaded campus as SLAM (me) & GUT
(Steve). We were a humble pair. [Yeah
right!]  Me, a southern fireball and Steve, a
western powerhouse; together we were too
wide open, to be afraid of anything.
   When a bunch of guys in the freshman dorm
decided to shave their heads, as a radical move
of youthful exuberance. The 
one’s that backed out, Steve and I held them 
down and shaved their heads anyway!  
Oops, I probably shouldn’t have told
on us. {sorry Steve 😉 }.
   They named our dorm room Coma city;
[no explanation possible].  And college class-
mates would beat their forks and spoons on 
the tables with a chant of SLAM, SLAM, SLAM
& GUT, GUT, GUT, when we would walk
in the lunch room. 
     On the intramural football team we were a 
TERROR. Literally impossible to stop. On the
streets of LA, we chased down a guy with a gun,
the same guy who had chased us down with a
gun; [smart move, huh?]. What a bad time for a car not
to start. Right Steve?
     We Ate hamburgers and hot peppers
at Patra’s deli for snacks and were the best
of friends. Inseparable for that season of our
lives. / I wonder if their is any link to gutsiskey
& Gutzler {GUT}?  
     At any rate, back to the subject of me being
a student of human character and a divine 
messenger. On the human dimension, I have
never met a more real, down to earth, GUTZY
GUY!  On the spiritual dimension, I know that Steve
has a deep, genuine passion for God. That’s
where he gets his power from.
    I am glad that God gave me that season to
be influenced by this powerful friend. I am also
glad that he has continued to develop and refine
that amazing gift that I saw in him, so many
years ago in LA. I share with you now, a recent
post of Steve’s that helped me. I know it will help 
you too!
Steve was talking about himself 
but he it seemed that he was
talking about me, in these words:

” It didn’t have to be perfect, I just needed to pick one.

The little piece of coral I finally did pick up and take

with me represents me and my life. It is beautiful, but

it is certainly not perfect. It is flawed and jagged around

the edges but it is distinctly unique, just like me.”


and Leadership Quest

It’s no walk on the Beach

Like you I juggle a lot. Three email accounts, one personal, one business, and one non-profit. I feel like I always have more emails to respond to, more questions to answer, and more comments to review. I speak and do business trainings most weeks. I have the amazing privilege to provide life coaching and executive coaching with several extraordinary clients. I have a wife, three children, two dogs and a cat.

Rescuing victims of sex trafficking

My wife and I also co-founded a non-profit, compassion2one, dedicated to rescuing victims of sex trafficking. We help resource safe houses here and around the world, we do awareness trainings (last year we trained over 1,000 people), and we work to help girls caught in this nightmare to get off the streets of Seattle. They are victims, not whores, who are bound to this traumatic lifestyle though emotional and physical abuse. If you would like to learn more about our cause and what you can do to help, please contact me (see contact information in right hand column) and look at our website.

In addition to this, I throw in a little tweeting and try to work out five days a week. I am up between 4:30 and 5AM most days. And I am also very involved in my church community, which I love.

Last week, Julie and I finally got a break. We jetted off to Maui with my daughter, her husband and their baby. One week of solace. Lord, did I need that break!

I seemed content to do little, to read a little, to walk in the morning the ocean along the beach. Every morning seemed to be the same until my final walk. The night before there had been a big rain storm with strong winds. So that morning when I went out onto the beach for my walk, I found something that I had never seen before.

Across the sand were thousands of little pieces of coral, scattered and discarded there by the stormy weather the night before. They were beautiful little pieces of the ocean in all shapes and sizes. I walked a ways, picked one up and thought “this is the most beautiful piece of coral on the beach.” Then I would walk another ten feet and pick up a new piece of coral and think “now this  is the most beautiful piece of coral on the beach,” as I quickly dropped the original, now bland and uninspiring. I did this several times, picked up one, thought I had found the perfect piece only to quickly discard it in favor of a different piece that seemed even more perfect than the last. You see, I wanted to pick one and bring it home as a little reminder of some new and old choices I’ve made of late. Finally, I realized that they were all beautiful and I just needed to pick one. It didn’t have to be perfect, I just needed to pick one.

The little piece of coral I finally did pick up and take with me represents me and my life. It is beautiful, but it is certainly not perfect. It is flawed and jagged around the edges but it is distinctly unique, just like me.

Choices to be who YOU are and Play Big

  • Get back to the basics that make you strong each day. Some solitude, some reading, some stretch goals
  • To say “no” to trivial pursuits and “yes” to significant ones
  • To not worry on little things but to focus on important things
  • To practice moderation in drinking, eating, technology. And to embrace nature and God more
  • To love you family like there is no tomorrow
  • To amp up your personal drive around your business goals and to focus on “high value” accomplishments
  • To never feel guilty when you unplug one day a week, and to allow yourself to recharge
  • To coach and mentor greatness in everyone you have the privilege of touching
  • To treat your mind and body like a temple and to feed on good food and great books
  • To strive for excellence and yet know how to be content
  • To try your best to pray each day or your family and your friends and to always give thanks for what you have.

This is week ten of the first Play Big series. I cannot believe how quickly time has passed, how much in just these last weeks, I have learned, and grown. Play Big is for everyone every day. It doesn’t matter how strongly you have developed your people skills, your emotional intelligence, or your leadership. Play Big is a reminder that each day we can improve a little something in our lives. It was designed to bring perspective back into our lives when we lose track of our goals, what is important, or what really truly matters. I hope that you have enjoyed this first Play Big Series with me. I know that I have enjoyed all your comments, support, and stories. Thank you.

Don’t worry Play Big is not over!

Next week our Play Big Series will continue with IMAGINE: An amazing discussion series around Your Imagined Life.  It will be about your life vision, your mantras, your dreams. I hope to provide real life, actionable steps, a pathway of sorts. I will also be unlocking some new coaching materials I have created just for you! Don’t miss out! Next Tuesday: IMAGINE!

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  1. Steve this is a beautiful post. Thanks for taking the time to share it. I know it will help a lot of people!

  2. Steve, This was an awesome commentary painting the way for each one of us to withdraw more meaning from our lives. It is neat to hear how you find harmony in industry, meaning in doing what matters and fulfillment in daily life. As always, you are an encouragement to any one who will listen; even an old friend. Slam-


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