The Miracle of Easter And Me


     I have always known that the central event of human history is the life of Jesus. And the most powerful hope for all of humanity is the resurrection of Jesus. Still, knowing this was not enough. Most of my life, the personal application of this truth escaped me. I knew there was a better way to live but knowing this did not seem to help me! I knew it …… but I couldn’t do it!

stuck unable to get by difficulty or not able to change

   I had to have a moment of deep internal change that caused the truth to make a major difference in my life. And this deep internal change did not happen for me, until a bitter and deep personal failure. It was at this bottom; this moment of knowing that I could not fix my problems, that God showed up and helped me. But until this amazing moment of catharsis, nothing seemed to work.

broken-ness of alcoholism

My Bottom was in the Bottle.

     But since that amazing moment when I cried out to God from my bottom, that wonderful event of history that changed the complexion of the whole universe, has also changed me. The same power that resurrected Jesus from the dead, raised me from that point of hopelessness. My life began again, around the start of this very real internal change.

      Life is not perfect today. But my heart has been healed, from the inside out. I no longer walk around with a dagger killing me inside that no one knows anything about. I have peace and joy right in the center of me. And wanting this for you my friends is why I write you today. 

Give God the pieces of your heart for healing


     In my view, Jesus resurrection changed all time, space, matter, meaning and purpose. I know it did me. We used to live in a world where you could clearly know that everyone had religious training. Not anymore. This kind of training is alien and unknown to many, maybe even most.

     That’s why I never argue theology, with anyone. I just offer medicine to sick people. The same medicine that made me well. I point my friends to Jesus. I have discovered that Christ can speak for Himself. All I have to do is get people to see what He has done for me and His wonderful drawing power. He can show people that He can do the same for them. God can speak for Himself. All I have to do is point people to Him.

God's voice

      It will be different for you. It is for everyone. My moment of deep change did not happen at a tent revival or religious ceremony. It happened to me in an outside gazebo, after watching a Johnny Cash movie. Laugh out Loud. But it is true. That is how it happened for me.

        You may “ease” into this wonderful new life realization. You may have to bottom out like I did, for this spiritual discovery. But one thing I am sure of: when you get really honest inside and out with God and yourself, spiritual rebirth can happen. Yes it can happen, ……. to you.

     When this happens, a deep powerful transaction takes place. It’s like a car deal. You get a new life and trade in your old one. All you have to do is sign on the dotted line of commitment. Oh one other thing, you have to do it from a place of humility like I did.. I don’t have all the answers. He does. He is the answer. You have to come past the arrogant, smug plane of self-will to find this wonderful transaction. You will be the winner if you do. It’s the best deal, I ever made.


     And the cool thing is that I never have to go back to where I was before. I can make the same deal with God every day. I give Him Me and He gives me Himself. I promise. It’s a good trade. Best one I ever made.

The Touch of God

     What happens when you make this transaction is a fresh spontaneous miracle. You go to the cross of personal defeat, admitting that you need God. But you leave that place with glorious regeneration and inspiration. —- No this is not a formula but a real thing that happens, in your heart. — You give yourself away and God gives you a new self. A self like Jesus, full of mercy, grace, truth, peace, love, harmony & forgiveness. This is not magic Twilight zone stuff but very real, spiritual transformation.

      That is the most awesome part. Christ does the filling. Its like taking your car to a gas station. You pull up, open up and He fills you up. {Strange sounding Bible verse huh}. But it is scriptural and it does work; for everyone who humbly, sincerely and fervently tries it.

Jesus helping hand salvation healing hurting heart

     God is so beautiful. When He wanted to show us that He understands us, He became one of us! When He wanted to show us that He cares for us; He solved our worst problem.

     What is the worst problem of men and women? You know……. Death. …….

     Jesus conquered death. He rose again and showed himself alive to honest eye-witnesses, who dedicated the rest of their lives to telling the world about it. He solved our worst problem by offering us eternal life and proving that He has the power to deliver. Fear no more. Death is swallowed up in life.

everlasting life

      And that’s the reason, the event that changed history changes me today. Because that life generating power still works, just like it did when it raised Jesus from the dead!

     People misunderstand Easter. Yes, there were fertility religions that observed a holiday during this season, before Christ. And Yes, there are many different cultural observances that have developed since Christ.

    Yet, the importance of Christ’s accomplishment, commemorated at Easter over-rules and over-rides all these other occurrences. Remember, our world’s timeline is split in half by the Christian calendar. The most significant influence in all human events for the last 2,000 years was Christ. The most powerful claims that were ever made by any man, were made by Christ. The most incredible recorded event of history was the resurrection of Christ.

jesus love - greater love hath no man - friends

     Even, if you do not believe in His message, as a personal conviction. Still, as an intelligent person, reasonably aware of the facts; you must honestly admit that Jesus was the most significant personage of impact, in all of human history. 

     If you have tried other things and they have not worked; why not try Jesus. (Notice, I did not say religion.) Maybe you are lost in some bitter, painful bondage. Don’t let denial stop you from the admission of truth about yourself. Open up your heart and mind to God’s help. Ask discreetly but ask deliberately for Help.  I know from my own experience that help is there, to be found both from God and others, who have found the way.

Jesus restoring vision

     There is nothing wrong with many of these other annual observances. Yes, I hope you have a good time celebrating the cycle of life that culminates in spring. Yes, I hope you enjoy your cultural and family festivities that circle around this time of year. But more than anything, I hope that you find the realness of Christ.

     Christ is so poorly represented by religion and very often by churches that mention His name. But He is so real, living and available through His Spirit. And He is directly available to you! It is my prayer that you find Him now. That is my Easter wish for you, my friends.

      Maybe you are lost in some private hell of hurt. Don’t let hidden inside conditions destroy you, on the outside too.  Dare to ask for Help. It is sadly amazing how many people drown in the sea of life, without ever yelling for help. Open up your heart. Get to the bottom of the pride, denial, ego and bitterness that stops you from change. Get honest with God and yourself. This is the beginning, the first step, …… to a new life.

     My prayer for you this Easter is that the event that changed the world will change you today, like it does me, …. daily.

     If I may ever help you with your spiritual needs; please write me privately at  

God bless you and happy Easter!

"Slam" Tim G Carter - Inspirational Communicator

“Slam” Tim G Carter – Inspirational Communicator – I am available to speak to your group or meeting. You may call me at 336-688-7538

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