Jitter Down and Power Up before you speak in Public

       Dear Guts Is The Key Reader,

Many of you have occasions when you have to take the stage to bring presentations. Some of you are more comfortable than others with this assignment. But many dread the task and experience, with nearly insufferable anxiety.

I write this short article to help you with definite strategies to overcome stage jitters and unexpected speaking difficulties. The ideas here will give you some ideas on how to get in the right mind-frame. These simple, positive tips will help you deliver your message with more confidence, the next time are called on to speak.

speaking preparation

1- Jitter Down before you start.

Nerves are a chief culprit that hinder many from enjoying and excelling in the speaking environment. One of the most effective ways to overcome nerves before and even during your talk is Isometrics. Isometrics is a simple way to use only your body parts to exercise. It is also a great way to diffuse excess energy, for a speaker.

Isometrics Henry Wittenberg

You can press Palm against palm to effectively dissipate nerves and jitters. No one will notice and you will definitely feel relief. The more your internal pressure; the more you can add force to this technique to deal with it. Also, there are other isometric tricks, such as foot pressure on the floor and others that you can do, without drawing attention. Tricks that will work off the nervous pressure very well and quickly help you relax, into the speaking task.

Isometrics lady

When I began speaking early in life; I will never forget a speaking coach telling me; to pretend everyone in the audience was a cabbage head. The comic relief of doing this is considerable. It is almost impossible to be uptight as a speaker, when you are talking to a room full of cabbages.

cabbage headed lady

There are many other pretend things you can do in your mind, to tone down the apprehensive way, you are looking at the audience. The Point is to have strategies that make you light and loose in your own skin, while on the stage. Conversational, comfortable speakers’ are much more effective than up-tight and nervy ones.

I have practiced an original concept for many years that helps me in the speaking arena. I call it;  Rigid flexibility. Don’t sweat the small stuff and remember, it’s all small stuff. Be ready for unexpected changes. Because unexpected changes are a part of the speaking endeavor.

Decide to have a ready ability and willingness, to effect a spontaneous change in your speech, without getting upset about it. This flexibility can make you a bigger winner in the speaking arena… Roll with the punches, move with the moment like a dancer moves with the music. Be mirthful and relaxed, when something unexpected happens.

Practicing these simple strategies can help you turn jitters and difficulties, into part of your effectiveness, as a speaker.

"Slam" Tim G Carter - Inspirational Communicator

“Slam” Tim G Carter – Inspirational Communicator

2-  Power up, before you talk ..

I have a 1977 truck that I love to drive. It is a blast. I love it and it performs well. But one thing, I always have to remember with my truck is that I must warm it up first. You can’t just jump in it and take off. Speaking effectively is a lot like that.

There are specific things that you must do to warm yourself up to do your best work speaking. Be solidly ready. Have your content clear and accurate. If you use notes, have them very plain and in big print.

Presentation Preparation


Commit yourself to making a difference, with your talk. Develop the internal conviction, before you stand before the group that you will move them with deep impact. Gain the faith perspective and belief, before you ever start your talk that you will move your listener’s to an important decision.

You may benefit from literally watching yourself in the mirror. Mirror practice can help you see how your facial expressions are likely to be perceived by the audience. Try it and see if it helps you.

mirror practice

I pray before I talk, always. Even if the speech is a very secular business delivery. It centers me and helps me clarify my motives and put my thoughts in order.

Lastly, Give yourself a window of final preparation; a final 15 to 30 minutes alone. At this time, do a final sync of your intentions, resources and content. Power up, before you talk. Your messages will be stronger, if you do.

  Jitter down & Power up. Relax and do your best.  Your talks will be stronger if you follow these simple suggestions. Let me know how you do!

Your Guts Is The Key Host. Tim G. Carter a.k.a. "Slam" 336-688-7538.

Your Guts Is The Key Host. Tim G. Carter a.k.a. “Slam” / Call:
336-688-7538 to schedule him to speak to your group!


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