Power Up Your Talks and Fill The Room

     Dear Guts Is The Key Reader. This BEAM is another article to help you be better prepared when profession or personal groups call on you to give public talks. To give more effective presentations, you need to Power Up before your Talk. And you need to Fill The Room when you talk. Here is what I mean.

speaking preparation

1- Power up, before you talk! Warm up for a speech, like an athlete warms up to compete.

I have a 1977 truck that I love to drive. It is a blast. I love it and it performs well. But one thing, I always have to remember with my truck is that I must warm it up first. You can’t just jump in and take off. It requires some preparation time, to be ready to drive.

Slam's 77 Truck

Speaking effectively is a lot like that. There are specific things you must do to warm yourself up, to do your best work, as a speaker.

Be solidly ready. Have your content clear and accurate. If you use notes, have them very plain and in big print. Commit yourself to making a difference, with your talk. Develop the internal conviction, before standing before the group that you will touch them with deep meaning. Gain a faith perspective and belief, before you ever start your talk. Believe, before you begin that you will move your listener’s to an important decision.

Believe in what you do Have a dream


As a part of your warm up, You may benefit from literally watching yourself in the mirror. Mirror practice can help you see how your facial expressions are likely to be perceived by the audience. Will they see, what you want them to see? Mirror practice can answer this question. Try it and see if it helps you.

image in the mirror

I pray before I talk, always!; Even if the speech is a secular business presentation. Prayer centers me and helps clarify my motives. It puts my thoughts in order.

foxhole prayer 1

Lastly, Give yourself a window of final preparation; a final 15 to 30 minutes alone. At this time, do a final sync of your intentions, resources and content. This is like tuning up a guitar before you play. It clarifies that you are on key.

guitar tuning

Power up, before you talk. Your messages will be stronger, if you do.

2- Fill the room.

Tip #2 – Practice being resonant. Work on being clear. Clarify that your volume is sufficient. Never be flat. Fill the room with your energy. Let the people not only hear your talk but feel it in your expressive delivery. Fill the room.

word power

It is always a good idea to know the volume required to reach the back row, of your audience. No one can benefit if they can-not hear you or have to strain to hear what you say. Will you use a microphone and amplification? Have you tested this?

Let your persona resonate. Have an attitude of humble respect but a delivery of powerful confidence and conviction. Generate energy in the room. Do not be full of hype but definitely be on your “A” game with sincere enthusiasm. Nobody likes a “flat” talk.


Let the audience “feel” your words. Don’t just say them. Artfully convey them. Make each person feel, they are the only person in the room. Let it be that you are speaking just to them.

Make sure to make eye contact all over, the room. Let all listeners know that you are interested in them; because you are!

Being told: I “fill the room” has been a compliment that I have been told repeatedly. It leads to standing ovations. Let it be said of also of you!

Tip #2 – Fill the room.


Your Guts Is The Key Host. Tim G. Carter a.k.a. "Slam" 336-688-7538.

Your Guts Is The Key Host. Tim G. Carter a.k.a. “Slam”
336-688-7538. Ready to Power up and Fill The Room at your next group’s event!

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