The Importance of Power Tools

     I read a lot about sales related topics and for good reason. I will never forget an occasion when I was younger that I got lost in the woods at night. It was pitch black; I got my bearings confused and could not find my way out. It was a frightening moment. Anytime, we are misguided and without good direction, it is that way.

No vision

     But like so many times in my life; being open to guidance and looking for good direction helped me out.  I noticed that my dog kept coming up to me & rubbing my leg. I could not see very far ahead but I could see my dog, Trouble. At that moment, the solution hit me! I may not know the way out of the woods but Trouble does. So, I quit trying to find the way and followed my dog. And sure enough, he lead me straightway out of danger.

     That is what good guidance does for us. It stops us from making mistakes. It prevents costly delays. It avoids dangerous pitfalls. It is an Important Power Tool, personally and professionally.

So Point #1; is to always be looking for sources of Guidance that empower, teach and improve.

     An electric fence teaches a powerful lesson. An animal can become so conditioned to avoid a painful shock that they will not cross a certain point, even when the current has been turned off. We humans can also become this way. We are conditioned by difficulty not to believe that we can make it past certain points that have prevented us from achieving in the past.

     Yet many times, it is the discovery of winners that if we keep trying in spite of previous failures; that we can find a way past the limitations of the past. A success mindset continues to believe in the possibility of accomplishment, even when difficulties have put achievement out of reach previously.

overcoming challenges

Which brings me to point #2 – Be solution oriented.

     Do not concentrate on the problem. Do not dwell on what went wrong. Focus instead on the answer. Aim your energy towards where you want to go. Practice the condition of faith continually, to achieve your greatest thresh-holds of victory. A faith outlook turns good tools into “Power Tools.”

      Proverbs 29:18 records the greatest historical proof text that it is always wise to be open to higher direction. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” While the context of this instruction in Proverbs was for people to find their true vision in God. In a broader sense, the instructions here guides us all. It reveals that building insight and “vision” into our tasks; is the only means by which we may guard against shortsighted calamity and failure.

No vision People Perish glasses

 So as you develop your spiritual, personal and professional direction. Never forget these two points:

    1- Always be looking for sources of Guidance that empower, teach and improve AND 2 – Be solution oriented.

   Both of these twin principles bring me to the point of this article. It would be unfair to tell you look for guidance and solutions, without offering you a place to find them. And that is exactly what I will do.

      This is exciting news! My first published book has been released two days ago. Wouldn’t it be phenomenal if the right business answers were at your fingertips? Now they are; in the book I co-authored. Inside you will find: Tried and proven advice from 25 business mentors; a team of amazing & successful experts–25 of the very best. The Success Power Tools you need are HERE! It Just arrived at Amazon yesterday! Read it and thrive in your business. There are 5 key business area topics; 25 experts and 125 power packed solutions. If you’re ready to prosper, but need help getting there. This is the book for you.

     The book has already made the best seller’s list in two categories, in the first two days of it’s release. I am fired up!!! 🙂  I hope you will get this book. It’s not only beautiful, but it is packed with brilliant business mentoring and HOT TIPS, how to grow your business into more profits, quickly. These are million-dollar mindset, sales, marketing, management, and money tips!

Get your copy from Amazon, at the attached link.

      Guiding principles. That is what my life has been all about. It is what makes me so passionate about what I do.  And they are what will make you passionate about your future success. This is why guiding principles belong in the workplace. When we are satisfied with the Why, behind the What we do; we tend to gain more  success.

The Why behind the What motivation

     Use this book as a way of  illuminating your business steps. So you will not find yourself in the dark woods in the markeplace and not be able to find your way out. Let this book be your flashlight to help you take the right path to begin with.

     It is obvious that a guiding light is needed in the night and that having one makes navigating, unknown territory easier. Having guiding principles helps us get where we want to go successfully. What are your guiding principles? They are the by product of inspiration, knowledge and experience.  That is why this book is so valuable. It represents the inspiration, knowledge and experience of people just like you who have found the path to career fulfillment.

Lighthouse of Hope!
Lighthouse of Hope!

      Let this book be just the Inspiration that you need to find that rare and miraculous path to your highest good and most promising future. This book covers the best reasons, methods and plans to achieve success in your work.  The Inspirations inside its covers can literally be the jet fuel to your achievement.

     But such a wonderful discovery can not happen, unless you read the book. This could be the very break that you need to turn your notions into motion. To turn your aspirations into realizations.


     Your personal initiative driven by Inspiration is a powerful start. Now all you need are the tools. Power tools, to help you build your way to success.

initiative picture

      Many of you may indeed be entrepreneurs already. If so, you know the importance of sustaining fuel. This book could be just the direction that you need to find a creative path around your current business challenge.

     Maybe you like what you are doing. If so, this book could be just the mechanism you need to be better at it! It could be your power tool to help you avoid shallow performance. In order to keep any professional mission vital; you must always be setting new goals in your life and career. How do we do this?set new goals

     This book could be the very seed bed of thought that you need to answer this question.

      How can you Be happy at your work.?

      How can you launch a new endeavor?

      How can you reach the next level in an endeavor you have already launched. The answers you seek are the very reason that we wrote this book. Get your copy today!

Meet the authors 25 brilliant mentors

Get your copy from Amazon, at the attached link.

Tim G. Carter - "Slam"

Tim G. Carter – “Slam”

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