G.U.T.S. #37 – Growth Using The Steps

     OK GutsIsTheKey reader; even though more of my writings are of a business, sales and leadership nature; I still want to keep my other writing promises to my readers. So, I will continue to offer inspiration and faith-based helps, creative word games, karate articles and the famous G.U.T.S. installments. So here is a dose of the latter, for your enjoyment.

G.U.T.S. #37 – Growth Using the Steps

taking steps - walking

     Growth Using The Steps – Living a full, vital life is a daily thing. No matter how many positive steps you have taken. There is always more to do. There are always more steps to take. God enriches our understanding, growth and development every day, we try to learn. A healthy fulfilled life is a journey, not a destination. If we are trying our best, to be our best, we take definite steps every day to grow. Here are some suggestions. Some may be for you. Others not. But you can certainly find some, in the following fifteen; that will help you grow in your own steps to fulfillment.

learning from our mistakes

  1.      Step Numero Uno is honest appraisal. Whether it be in the personal or the professional dimension of  your life; it is absolutely critical to examine your experience, outlook and expectations. To be happy at home or enjoy your work; you must take significant steps to examine yourself and the facts, with some intensity and curiosity. An honest appraisal precludes fulfillment in life.

  2.      Another first step is to enliven the power of your dreams. It is hard to say whether this is point 1 or 2 but without honest acceptance of reality, dreams don’t amount to any more than fairy tales.  So this point being second only to honest appraisal. No success can be won, without harnessing the power of your dreams.  What do you want your relationships to look like? What do you want your home to look like? On and on this list can go. But the point is: Dreams of today can be your source of satisfaction tomorrow, if you empower your dreams with faith & labor.  new dream

  3.      Once you have a base of honest objectivity and have harnessed the incredible power of your dreams. It is time to turn those dreams into structures. You do this by having goals. Define the goal you have in mind; Clarify your Passion & Purpose. Establish your Goals & Initiative. What is your Why? & How will you achieve your What.  starting point

  4.       Nebulous goals seldom come to pass. To hit the target, aim for the bullseye. Aim for the very essence of that which you wish to achieve. Aim for the periphery and you will miss. You have to aim dead center to hit your goal. Get very specific about what it is that you want to achieve.  

    The Power of Planning to help us reach our goals. No missing pieces!

    The Power of Planning to help us reach our goals. No missing pieces!

  5.      One of the ways that we do this focusing is by doing an inventory of what we have already achieved and assessing the strengths that we bring to the table. What advantages lead us to believe that we can accomplish our specific goals? Before mapping out a new battle plan; Utilize the advantages of your previous experience, in your next plan of action. Harness the strengths you already have. It really is foolish to re-invent the wheel.

  6.      Fulfillment is most often found where we are at. And then grows into something more, somewhere else because we outgrow the situation, we mastered. Do not always look somewhere else for satisfaction. Satisfaction is most likely to start in your current dimension. You may wind up somewhere else. But you will have to start where you are at, to genuinely grow. positive thinker

  7.      The hardest step is most often the first step. Start today. I repeat: The hardest step is most often the first step. Start today.

  8.      I know that some of my readers are of a secular mindset. That is ok. But it has been my experience that We are not alone. Someone is there!! And that Someone is God. https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/01/03/someone-is-there/  It is my conviction that He will help us take the steps that we must take; if we ask Him to. ….. If you get to a point in your success efforts, that you are stuck and feel that you can not progress.  You may want to revisit this point. Try putting God in the equation. You may find it much easier to get results.  Faith breakthroughs

  9.      For this seeker of truth. I find great meaning in reading the Bible. For me, it is like a secret treasure map. During my life, I have poured over each word, seeking hidden meaning, to gain high and holy knowledge – For me, the scriptures not only diagnose the problem but also solve it.  I find The Bible to be both thermometer and prescription. I suggest The Scriptures as a source of wisdom as you plan the steps to your success. Also, there are many other wonder books of inspiration and knowledge that can help you along your way. 

  10.      If you get in the middle of the street, one place is always wrong “to stay where you are at.” Sometimes the best advice is DO SOMETHING! If you are stuck, it could mean that you need to move from where you are at. inaction picture

  11.      To achieve the most desirable results, you need to get your motives straight. Positive steps do not work out, without an honest heart and clean mind. Shakespeare penned the words, “To Thine Own Self Be True.”  They were true then and they are true today. To get the best outcome, you must have the best intentions. Keep the shot straight and true, to hit the most ideal target.

  12.      Never forget that you are a trichotomy. You are a spirit. You have a mind. And you live in a body. Since you can not be separated from the body, until death; the mind must be trained, to achieve maximum good from the body; and the body must be trained, to achieve maximum good from the mind. Balance is a key to fulfillment. As you pursue success in one dimension of your life, do not forget the others. Healthy Balance

  13.      It is important to frame life in 24 hour segments.  Stay out of the endless bog of regretting the mistakes of yesterday. And avoid the exhausting endless loop of worrying about tomorrow. Learn to look at your life; a day, at a time. Though you learn from the past and have vision for tomorrow; you will never attain fulfillment, without living intensely in today.

  14.      Dreams take time, planning and consistent effort to bring to pass. Time takes time. Do not look at your goals short-term only. Be prepared for the long haul. There are steps you must take to make your dream come true and you must take them in order. Patience is a key. Be ready to attend to the real matters of change and challenge, in your goals for success. Diligence, determination and dedication will be required to see your hopes realized.  personal development

  15.      One final suggestion I offer from personal experience for those of you who may face unusual difficulties. Like millions of others I have discovered a literal “step” program that helps me design and construct a more ideal, free, moral and happy life. These groups are places full of honesty, courage, and support. The 12 steps of these programs can be one of the most wonderful experiences, you can possibly have. They have been for me. They are effective. They are free. And They are available in nearly every locality. – – –  So, If you struggle in some overwhelming problem in your life or deal with someone who else who does, then one of these groups may be your answer to a happier life. You may write me privately at CCCDynaPro@aol.com, for more information.

     So treat the attainment of a full, vital life as a daily target. Apply the steps above to enrich your understanding, growth and development. Remember, A healthy fulfilled life is a journey, not a destination. Let this writing be the catalyst, to Grow into a more ideal life, using the steps that work for you.

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