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My new career: Branch Mgr. – Hardware Imagination Tech

A big change is happening in my work career. 20 years of my past working life was spent in Furniture and Cabinetry related businesses. I spent 12 years with Hafele, in sales. A year with Pioneer Plastics, as a regional … Continue reading

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Is The Selling Career Still for Today? Is it for You?

The sales profession has a bad image with a lot of people, as a career. Some of this is deserved. Some not. Unscrupulous practices and unethical principles will give any profession a bad name. And certainly there has been some … Continue reading

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WorkPlace Satisfaction – Step 1

WorkPlace Satisfaction –      I do a lot of writing and thinking about sales training. In many ways, sales training is like hygiene. You need to do a lot of it and on a regular and repeated basis. In the sales game; this … Continue reading

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Life Enrichment Events of 2015

Last year when my book; Positive x Positive = Unlimited was released and Amazon editors called it one of 2014’s best books. It made even clearer to me, a direction I had already been thinking about. It is my intention during the course … Continue reading

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Get more fulfillment out of your work

        Part of the fascination, I have in addressing the workplace as a primary topic is a feeling that this task is synergistic with my mission of ministry. Since we spend a large portion of our lives … Continue reading

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The Moment

    Dear Guts Is the Key Reader. A few years ago, I made a new friend online. Her name is Heather Gauthier. There is much I could say about her but the primary reason I have asked her to … Continue reading

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My Work And His Work in me

     Dear GutsIsTheKey reader. Certainly, my sales and professional speaking focus is the predominant career thrust currently. But nonetheless, I can never forget that my background was Christian ministry. It was the gentle, genuine molding of a Divine Friend … Continue reading

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