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The Possibility of a Redeemed Mind

 I recently had a run-in with an old manner of thinking that I thought had been eradicated. But none of us get beyond, the daily need to call upon, commune with and yield to our Higher Power. There are at … Continue reading

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Guard each man’s dignity and Save each man’s pride.

My friends there is plenty of political bickering in Washington. Do we have to make it a continual sore among friends? My father taught me well, I may disagree with your opinion but I will fight for your right to … Continue reading

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The Solution to worry is Trust!

   Problems and worry attack us all.  Problems are normal. We will have them.  No one is immune. But we do not have to let our problems consume us, with worry.  Here are some suggestions to provide you relief from its grasp! : Our current dilemma can … Continue reading

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You can’t unscramble an egg.

You can’t unscramble an egg. Many of the situations that have already happened can not be undone. That is why a great dose of acceptance must be learned and adopted to find peace in your life. If you have a … Continue reading

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Slam’s Don’t Worry Model – a personal reply

This BEAM (post) was inspired by a friend on twitter today, who asked me a question. I have misplaced better artwork of the flow-chart in this article. But I will locate it soon and replace this poor artwork and expand … Continue reading

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Passion, Patience, Peace And Promise

Passion, Patience, Peace & Promise  //         I like alliteration. The repetition of consonants is a rhythmic sound that can often help drive home good points. These four alliterative words Passion, Patience, Peace and Promise are like that. … Continue reading

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Why prayer is one of the chief pursuits of my life!

     Dear Guts is the Key reader. I know that most of my writings here are of a professional nature. Still, I promised ongoing positive inspirational messages, full of faith, courage and spiritual help. I will keep my promise. … Continue reading

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