New Year’s Resolutions???

New Year’s Resolutions???

I intentionally write this short article about a New Year’s suggestion, the day after New Year’s Day. Because what you do from this point is more important than the emotions that cause you to feel resolute on that one day!

Let me explain. I celebrated New Year’s Day, in a rather unusual fashion. I am a serious outdoorsman. And so, I spent the last 11 days of 2019 in the woods praying about my life directions. Call it a sabbatical if you will; a time of focusing and redirection. A time which led me to some strong personal conclusions, through this time of soul-searching. These insights became¬†very clear to me through through spiritual confirmations that I experienced; on New Year’s Day in a hunting stand in Estill, South Carolina woods.

These moving experiences happened to me, on January 1. Thus First day of 2020 was the last day of hunting season. And this fact was Bittersweet for me. I was glad to have the experience but a little sad that it was ending.

Yet, it was in this setting that I did my soul-searching. And I made NOT One resolution this year, but deepened several important convictions, values and clear directions. These renewed aims will becom my Battle Cry for 2020. And since I spent 11 days deeply meditating and praying about them. I know they are good solid decisions. I know God will help me follow through with them & bring these worthy purposes to pass. So there are many benefits of this kind of personal seeking and introspection.

One of the personal benefits of such times of soul searching, reflection, design and focus is that I experience very special moments of clarity. I experience “signs”, “God shots”, “special moments of confirmation”, or of “serendipity”. Whatever you call them; they are heightened moments of awareness. Moments that God uses to assure me of right directions.

I experienced one of these assurances,
at 4:44 on New Year’s day. Which is a special time for my wife & I. At that exact moment, I felt a deep inward conviction & knowing; while looking at the the sunset (pictured below). I picked up my phone to write Dawn about this feeling. And it was then that I discovered that 4:44 was the exact time. It was another of these clear moments of “Divine coincidence.”

I wrote Dawn about my deep inward knowings and to remind her that God still has His faithful hand on our lives and future. And I created a special message to her, while looking at this beautiful display of God’s handiwork, to tell her about it.

So I have the evidence of this awesome memory of this special moment, to remind me of the worthiness of the new direction. I have discovered again and again that God speaks to me in the solitude of nature.

And that brings me to the purpose of this writing. Since this discovery has been such a tremendous blessing to me. With love, care and hope for each of you my friends, I make this recommendation:

To add joy and meaning to your new year. Get away from the crowd regularly in 2020. Seek God and your own calling, needed focus, and assurance in the beauty of Creation. The awesome wonder and beautiful affirmations of Nature’s Touch might ve just what you need. These special times of reflection might help you realize things, you might otherwise overlook!

So give your own life a power boost. Seek some time away from the crowd to discover your Own deep longings and deeper meanings for life. If you do so, you may discover new healthy purposes and more clarity of direction. You may discover purposes so deep and sure that resolutions can’t contain them! I hope so! I wish the best for you!

Happy New Year all year! Slam-

Sunset 01-01-2020

Slam in the stand! 01-01-2020

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