Blessed Assurance: Jesus is the Keeper of my Soul

“Blessed Assurance.” God is the keeper of my soul. My mother taught me this, in a bedtime prayer, when I was a child, in which I asked God to keep my soul. Far be this trust, from being only a child’s thought.

In that fantastic moment when we realize that we have breathed our last. And we must jump from the portal of this body into the great beyond. Nothing will be more important to us, than this sacred Trust.

I have been blessed with a precious taste of this eternal dwelling. In 1873, Fanny Crosby must have experienced a similar comfort, in that she spoke of “a foretaste,” in the powerful hymn “Blessed Assurance.”

There is perhaps no greater discovery to be made in the walk of faith in Christ, than that He can be truly trusted to be the keeper of our soul. Evenso, I must agree with Fanny Crosby that this is a “Blessed Assurance.”

Have you trusted Christ, to be the keeper of your soul? It is a safe trust. Nothing can give you more peace of mind, than the knowing: … that God is the trustworthy keeper of your soul!
This is indeed, a blessed assurance.

Blessed Assurance

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