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Presents in the Presence of the Spirit of God

I spent a good portion of today reading back through some of my sister Detra’s materials. I wish she and I could sit down and talk one more time. I wish she could have witnessed while she was alive (1944-2005), … Continue reading

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Conscience and the chain of healthy, reinforcing behaviors

Some words have very little meaning, and yet they are used way too much. Other words have giant importance and yet they are seldom used. Conscience is one such word that is used infrequently, and yet its power and dynamic … Continue reading

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The Internal Value of Wisdom

My favorite piece of literature is the Bible. There is such a wealth and diversity of knowledge to be gained there; that I find it to be a great life-long companion. Nestled right in the midst of this wonderful collection … Continue reading

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It is more important to BE, than to be recognized.

     My calling in life is to teach others about spiritual truth. It is unlikely that I can help you with material things but I can help you with good thoughts.       I was thinking recently about a story in the Bible … Continue reading

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