Conscience and the chain of healthy, reinforcing behaviors

Some words have very little meaning, and yet they are used way too much. Other words have giant importance and yet they are seldom used. Conscience is one such word that is used infrequently, and yet its power and dynamic relevance is always significant.

A deep, trustworthy internal guidance system is an important gift, we all possess and need to train and develop. A healthy Conscience matters and deserves ongoing and consistent attention. It is like a completely reliable inner compass.

inner compassLearning to do the right thing all the time can produce in us the highest degree possible, of contentment and satisfaction. This kind of happy wholeness only happens when the conscience is strong and personal behavior lines up and is consistent with it.

Good conduct and healthy behavior forms A chain of performance that strengthens itself and the conscience, with each good action. Doing the right thing will strengthen us, to do the right thing even more.

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A habit of telling the truth can set up a majestic cacophony of the inner sound of peace and serenity in our life. We have been sick long enough. Our bad habits and problems have led us to our bottoms & have been painfully enough, to cause us to feel powerless. We are ready for a change; for the good of a healthy conscience with the help of God.

Serenity Prayer Pic

So I ask you; Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you ready to do the right thing? Then become aware of this wonderful gift that you possess.

God has instilled in each of us this remarkable inner mechanism, we call conscience. It really is true that if followed it results in our betterment & higher good.

Hedonistic thinking is backwards.  Doing only what pleases us, leading lives of selfishness, leads  to encumbered and fettered lives. On the other hand, when the conscience is followed, it does not restrict us. Rather it enables us, to see & experience a life free of destructive vices.

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So I encourage you to rediscover this awesome internal power, of your conscience. Ask God to help you to recover from a weakened conscience, seared by bad habits and character defects. Your Higher Power can help you to come alive again and be rejuvenated and cleansed by right thinking and living.

You will discover that when you do right , it increases your capacity to do right. . When you do this, A habit of character & good conduct will then result, and so will a stronger conscience.

You will then discover your conscience to be a good friend indeed; A powerful, reliable, trustworthy inner guidance mechanism.

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