Be Relentless In Personal Excellence & Public Service!

Some things I write change with time. But some of the things I write about are timeless. Such is the case with this article. I frequently tell people: “Life is a Get To, not a Got To!” And by that I mean that our approach to life means everything.

This BEAM (article) is all about the right approach to life. How to get the most from life, but more than that, How to give the most to life! That is my goal every day.

If you are someone who already gives your best; read this article for a charge to your batteries. And if you are someone who leaves good on the table, read this article for a kick in your lethargic bottom. Be Relentless In Personal Excellence & Public Service! Click the link to find out more! Slam-


Dear Guts Is The Key Reader. This entry is intended to be both personal and inspirational. Personal, because it is about who I am by nature. And Inspirational, because the characteristic I am describing will help you also, and serve you well in your own personal psychology.

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I have been called repeatedly: “Relentless.” I guess it’s because I do not give up, until I succeed. People that know me well, know this about me.

Feared is the fighter (in the ring & in life) who wont stay down but comes back at you with increased ferocity & improved performance. That’s me!
If you knock me down, you better finish me off. Cause I’m coming back at you with renewed vigor and improved performance. Down is not out for me. It is just “Dig Deep Time.”

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I teach  #Shotokan  karate. I love this pursuit. It gives me an effective…

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