My wife Dawn’s After Christmas Present. :)

Okay, so I know Christmas is over. But since I’m running a Tree lot almost all the way up to Christmas. I get to enjoy our tree more the week after Christmas.

My wife Dawn Carter, always turns one of our trees, into the most fantastic Christmas Wonderland’s that you can imagine. And you can’t just look at the tree from a distance. You have to study the tree, to see the amazing intricacy of design, and beautiful harmony that she puts in the tree.

Exhibit a- Cinderella hiding in her nook in a wooden Glen inside the tree boughs.

Cinderella, in her wooden Glen

Exhibit b- snowman so artfully hidden and way deep in the tree, that only a studious examination will find it.

Snowman hidden carefully in the tree boughs

Exhibit C- the amazing density and thickness of the ornaments that she carefully coordinate throughout the tree.

Density of the Christmas tree decorations

I told one of my stepsons this year that if he wanted to see how beautiful his mother is on the inside, then all he had to do was look at the beautiful, detailed lovely decorations everywhere in our house. Most of which can be overlooked, if you don’t keep a sharp eye out.

I am truly blessed!

My wife Dawn Carter, with the beautiful snow man she made a couple years ago.

My wife Dawn Carter, with the beautiful snow man she made a couple years ago.

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