The Possibility of a Redeemed Mind

 I recently had a run-in with an old manner of thinking that I thought had been eradicated. But none of us get beyond, the daily need to call upon, commune with and yield to our Higher Power.

There are at least 22 scriptures in the New Testament directly relating to putting off “the old man,” to give life to “the new man.” (See Ephesians 4:22-24) The miraculous transformation that is the reality and Cornerstone of Christ’s salvation work in this earthly life, only takes place as we willfully and intentionally seek Him daily. The return and resurgence of old thought patterns is perhaps a great operation of grace.

Because if our healed mind and heart could be maintained without daily reliance on Providence. Then we might be tempted to try life without Him. As it is, we need Him daily to continue, perpetuate and develop this Divine mind that we are learning, to let operate inside us.

In the multitude of my thoughts within me “Thy” comforts delight my soul. It is when my thoughts become His thoughts, that an abundance of Serenity abides Within Me. When that which I think is primarily the thought of God, rather than my own self-centered fretting; then those thoughts are no longer my own but actually God’s thoughts transplanted inside me.

It is this possibility of a redeemed mind, that grants us the promise of peace on Earth. It creates in us the real possibility, of a Divinely controlled thinking process.

It is this transforming of the mind that Paul speaks of in Romans 12:2. This gives us the hope and realistic expectation that those previously vexed and tormented thoughts can be replaced. These thoughts we trained ourselves to think in the old life; truly can be displaced, removed and replaced by holy, good, true, righteous, just, pure, benevolent Christ centered thoughts. This is the transformation Paul states as a matter of fact process; we should be engaged in, in this verse.

In fact this is one of the primary effects and fruits of salvation. That not just in the world to come, but that in this life, we can have a redeemed cleansed mind.

Hallelujah for this wonderful promise of salvation. But like most Divine promises it requires our work in cooperation with His work for it to become reality. In those moments when we think the old thoughts out of step with God’s will, it is in that moment that we must seek Him to grant us the Higher wisdom that only He can give.

Learning to ask for this Divine replacement of old, flawed faulty thinking with the gift of new and renewed thoughts: is the chief work of God in our life, in this realm. It is the very fruit & actuality of Salvation in our life. God help me surrender my thoughts to you today so that you can displace them and replace them with your beautiful, Divine thoughts.

The more corrupt our old manner of thinking was, the more fervently we need to seek God to make this wonderful promise a reality in our lives. His promises are true! And if we will seek Him, then He will replace our old way of thinking with something much more wonderful than we can imagine on our own.

“In the multitude of my thoughts Within Me Thy Comforts delight my soul.”
Psalms 94:19 KJV

Also see:
1 Corinthians 2:16

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