God is in the details.

God is in the details. When the first public revelations were coming to light to about subatomic particles like the Boson-Higgs “God Particle,” I followed this with quite some interest.

The God Particle

I have always thought that not only is the design scheme of God discoverable in the grander scheme of large and giant things; furthermore, evidence of the designing majesty of God is evident in the most minute, microscopic details.

Your problems are too small frog that does not see opportunity

I also followed the recent theoretical disclosures that perhaps the ideas of a Big Bang from an object of great mass were incorrect. This same theorist proposed that perhaps the world was created in micro miniature fashion of an unbelievably, infinitesimally small black hole event horizon. Assertions were made that this dispelled the notion of God. This shook my faith understandings quite severely. But now I see that the concept is the same.

coincidence is God's way of being anonymous Einstein

The proposition is the same as before, either you believe that the giant mass that exploded in the Big Bang existed in and of itself or it was created … Same proposition only a little different now. You would have to believe that this teeny, incredibly small, extremely dense black hole from which everything exploded always existed or it was created. Took me awhile to come to this.

creativity 1

Perhaps the original act of creation occurred on a micro miniature level, instead of a gigantic level. The creative miracle is just as amazing either way for me! Do you see God in the celestial sky & amazing sunset? The answer is Yes. Or do you see God in the intricacy of fingerprints & DNA? The answer is Yes.

The fingerprint of GodThe fingerprint of God

But the grandest evidence of this idea of God being in the details is how he is not only involved in the bigger picture of our life but intricately involved in the details. He can be found in Grand and small in creation and He can be found in Grand and small in our lives. God is in the details!

private partner unknown future in hands of all knowing God

Tim is available to speak to your group or organization. Contact him at:  336-688-7538 .

Tim is available to speak to your group or organization. Contact him at: 336-688-7538 .

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