My First 100 #Slamisms

In November of last year, I published Positive x Positive = Unlimited and released it on Amazon. This book made the Amazon Editors list of best books of 2014. Because of the books reception and the influence of Margo DeGange, the brilliant and insightful founder of Splendor Publishing ; I began to see that my direction had emerged and grown into a more refined and targeted aim.

The Brilliant Founder of Splendor Publishing, Margo DeGange

           The Brilliant Founder of Splendor Publishing,                    Margo DeGange


    This aim influences how I communicate with you here and other social media outlets. I have always interacted with people and been an involved social networker on Twitter. But my primary communication thrust was inspiration and sales. Yet, along with the release of the book, I began to see that I needed to refocus my public media content and direction.  A new flavor to my writings became clear and needed. A flavor more in line with my personal talents and heart.

    So, #Slamism was born. Yes #Slamism is relative to #personalfulfillment and #personalempowerment #careerfulfillment and #careerempowerment & #salescategory thoughts…. But more than that, it is driven by a very personal philosophy; one that bears positive influence on all these topics.  This personal philosophy, I have called #Slamism. 

Slam image!

     So, as key personal tenets of this thinking have become clear; I have identified them in my twitter stream at , by tagging them with the title, #Slamism. So by now, quite some progress in this presentation of personal power ideas has been made. This progress has resulted in tips & sayings that are inspirational, uplifting and very helpful; personally and professionally.

     So I share with you now, the first 100 of these #Slamism ‘s to benefit your personal life and inspire your career development. Enjoy and let me know what you think. 🙂

  1. Get your eyes off the stack and attack the next task // … …  # slamism  # salescategory
  2. Yes-I pray. But I also put feet to my prayers & act. If you want to achieve-you must also DO!   # Slamism  @ MargoDeGange
  3. “Slamism” is all about simple, power packed strategies that make a difference in your life. … …  # slamism
  4. My mission in life is to help many of you experience deeper relationships, happier personal outlooks & brighter careers  #Slamism
  5. Keep ur own scorecard-Find ur strength from within-Be a realist & pay attention to the numbers-but get ur validation from inside u! #Slamism
  6. When someone does not treat you right that you thought would-love them anyway. Praying for their well being.  #Slamism
  7. Achievers believe in their own ability to achieve, even if situations don’t seem ideal. … … # Slamism
  8. I love the sense of accomplishment that a good days work affords me. I love to work.   # Slamism
  9. The best motto in a changing work load is “Rigid Flexibility.”  # salescategory  # Slamism
  10. I suggest The Scriptures {Bible} as a source of wisdom as you plan the steps to your success. … … … …  # Slamism
  11. The workplace is more fun, when you have fun. Lighten up, be bright; optimistic, flexible & courteous. …  # Slamism
  12. So how do you get more fulfillment at work? Here are 10 good tips. … … … … …  # salescategory  # Slamism
  13. RT  @ RickCooper Word of the Day: Exuberant. Definition: filled with or characterized by a lively energy and excitement. (adjective)  # Slamism
  14. RT  @ 1Jemilicious .. very true, important and needed words…. “A little tact goes a long way.”  # Slamism
  15. As I think of my father-I realize the greatest gifts he gave R on the inside of me & can not be taken away, # Slamism
  16. Thank God for giving me opportunities to share the experience strength wisdom and hope that he has given me.  # Slamism
  17. “Maybe the life solution you need is a firmer resolution.” Positive X Positive = Unlimited; by Timothy Grant Carter
  18. A good life passion lasts as long as you do. #Slamism
  19. As long as the world, customers, products & the marketplace changes; so must you to be relevant! #Slamism
  20. Keep your own scorecard-Find your strength from within-Be a realist & pay attention to facts-but get your validation from within! #Slamism
  21. Occassionally, ask your customer think of what you say. Most times they will tell you. #Slamism
  22. A famous pole vaulter said he set his records throwing his heart over the bar-This passion works in selling too #Slamism
  23. If you practice being a better human being; you are likely to be more effective in business and sales. Character counts. #Slamism
  24. If you blow it; don’t cover it. Face it, deal with it honesty and move on.. Best businessman is an honest one. #Slamism //
  25. I can’t forecast the weather. I can forecast my attitude. It will be great today; how about yours? #Slamism
  26. I can’t forecast the weather. I can forecast my attitude. It will be sunny & shining today
  27. Chore or Challenge; its all how u look at it-Give your career your best attitude & your career will improve.  #Slamism
  28. 2 have a dynamic career-u must appreciate people-No one’s an island-U will not win long term without others!  #Slamism
  29. Many do not know the extent to which they can be creative. Try some new things. Explore new areas. You may surprise yourself! #Slamism
  30. God is the great persuader of human hearts 2 do the right thing-It helps a career, to be in touch with Him #Slamism
  31. “Every great dream begins with a dreamer-Always remember-u have.. the passion 2 reach the stars & change the world.”-Harriet Tubman #Slamism
  32. Don’t forget the value of using social networking tools to attract your customers and build your reputation. #Slamism
  33. Being a fast talking huckster and a true professional are never kin to each other #Slamism #salescategory ;
  34. A passionate answer-distant answer or even No answer will help u know a lot about people you are dealing with. #Slamism #BeAstudentOfOthers
  35. People are looking for miracles today. I ask God to let them see one, in me… #Slamism
  36. The act of trying again produces thrust! There is great power in getting back up-when you think u are down. #Slamism
  37. Time is neither for you, nor against you but one thing for sure about time. It is NOW always! #Slamism
  38. Stay in touch with your friends-Don’t always expect them to stay in touch with you-Take the responsibility for being a good friend. #Slamism
  39. Move at a driving personality’s pace with him/her; confirming steps with direct permission questions 2 make sure U R not assuming. #Slamism
  40. Don’t ask them to buy from u, until u appreciate them. Positive selling is not being a fast talking slickster. #Slamism #Salescategory
  41. I never have to search far for inspiration, since Jesus lives inside me. #Slamism
  42. Ask yourself-how can I help the person n front of me??  Do not look for some future moment and miss the moment, Now! #Slamism #salescategory
  43. When you R on the phone-SMILE-You may not believe it but your conversations will go better if u do! Try it! #Slamism
  44. It takes Guts to win in business-Pick up the telephone-Quit analyzing it and say Hello! #Slamism #salescategory
  45. Make that call today! Build a right now attitude. Don’t let inaction rob you of your dreams. #Slamism #salescategory
  46. Used to be that you had to prime the pump, to get water to flow from a well. Creativity is like that! #Slamism
  47. Some people under-estimate their creative potential. Clear your calendar and decide to create something. U may surprise yourself!    #Slamism
  48. Yes, some people are born creative. But even the greatest artists “practiced” their talent! #PerfectPracticeMakesPerfect       #Slamism
  49. It may sound odd to some but if you will pray about your talent, it will increase. #Don’tKnockItTillYouTryIt   #slamism
  50. The spontaneity of the creative act is powerful-Flow with ideas when they come-I advise my #Shotokan students to train in this way! #slamism
  51. You ever looked at a good writer’s waste can. It is full of “rough drafts.” Go to work on a creation & let progress work it’s slow miracle. #slamism
  52. If you don’t believe in your own creative potential, then the world never will…  #Slamism
  53. God often gives us paint by number gifts. We have the talents. He just helps us develop it by showing us patterns to follow. #Slamism
  54. Hang out with encouragers.. People you can count on to lift you up! #Slamism
  55. Funny thing but the cleaner you make the vessel, the purer and stronger the creative gift will flow! #DriveUncleanNessFromYourLife #Slamism
  56. For water to flow freely, you must clean out the clogs-Your mind is like that-The cleaner your mind-the easier creativity can flow! #Slamism
  57. Keep your mind clear & clean-ask good counsel-do the next right thing. You WILL come through! #sayaprayer #slamism
  58. Practice being more expressive with your vocabulary. Ex. I am good becomes; terrific, awesome, dynamite, incredible & amazing!! 🙂  #slamism
  59. Help others find their significance. Help them lead the life God has for them. Help them gain confidence, clarity, and joy.  # slamism
  60. Slam is = Positive x Positive
    Slam is = Springboard to Significance
  61. Physical work balances me and keeps my feet on the earth, when my ideas are in the stars.. #slamism
  62. “I love your book, Tim!  It’s a gold mine of powerful ideas and inspiration!!!” Gio Gaudelli  #slamism …
  63. Great advice: @TheVeryBestRTs “Count your blessings, not your problems. Spread kindness.” ///  #Slamism
  64. Do not always be looking for the “right” moment. Now is most often the right moment. Help the person in front of you. #slamism
  65. GUTS is not just a colloquialism! It is a way of life! #Slamism
  66. “Faith believes-before the evidence transpires-Great outcomes are born by believing in spite of challenges.” … #Slamism
  67. There are thousands upon thousands of examples, of how faith has positively effected the human race and our lives.
  68. It takes Guts to win!-Pull the car over-Go in introduce yourself-Just do it!-No matter how seasoned of a pro, u can’t ignore this! #slamism
  69. The call you are not willing to make may be the big sale you have been looking for.  #slamism #salescategory
  70. Fear can stop you from the triumph you so want to achieve. You will never know, till you go out and try! #slamism
  71. Personally & professionally-u can win if u face ur problems with determination-Be a tough-tenacious tackler. #Slamism
  72. If no one has reminded you that with intelligence & faith you can conquer mountains; this is your reminder! #Slamism
  73. When a pep talk is from the heart and aimed at the heart; it can often produce nearly miraculous results. #Slamism
  74. It takes courage & willingness 2 tackle problems-2 discover higher personal success-Climb back in the ring. #Slamism
  75. If we don’t have the right motivational friend-there are times we must Jerk our own rear end into action. … #Slamism
  76. Every time you crawl back in the ring; you are at least in the fight. You can’t win, if you don’t compete. #Slamism
  77. My words are often designed to call people to: Be the man or woman of valor! Be the hero, inside you! …#Slamism
  78. With God’s help, live up to your potential and make every day of your life count! Try & try again. Have an unconquerable Spirit. #Slamism
  79. Everybody liked “Rocky,” because down inside we want to be one. … #Slamism
  80. In many circumstances in life and business, you have to be tough to win. … #slamism
  81. To win at life, when u get knocked down; u have to brush urself off & go back after the thing u want again. … #slamism
  82. God’s grace shows up stronger in our life-when we show up with willingness 2 ask Him do His miraculous works through us! #WhyNotYou #Slamism
  83. Be a tough, tenacious tackler.
  84. There are 300 articles (BEAMS) in my blog  … It is still growing and developing. A reflection of who I am. #slamism
  85. I say, “The soul is a channel you can control.” When it is in ur power 2 literally choose life or death in ur thoughts-Choose life! #Slamism
  86. We are designers and architects of the world that we want to live in. Never minimize nor neglect the power of your own influence. #Slamism
  87. There is a Law of Escalating Potential. Daily development can create an inertia of growth that not only adds but also multiplies. #Slamism
  88. Work hard and smart. God does not reward the lazy. #Slamism
  89. Suit up and show up. Be consistent in your efforts. You can not win on the couch! #Slamism
  90. Believe in the creative explosion going on inside you 2B your best! See the miracle God is creating in YOU! #Slamism
  91. To  sell your best. Realize your worth. Believe in your potential. #Slamism #salescategory
  92. To perform your best personally & professionally-Realize your worth & believe in your potential-Others won’t believe unless you do! #Slamism
  93. Realize your worth. Believe in your potential. Personal belief is growth power!… #Slamism #salescategory
  94. Believe in your own potential. Others wont believe in you, unless you believe in… #Slamism #salescategory
  95. Realize your worth. God made you for a purpose. Belief in your own value honors Him.… #Slamism #Salescategory
  96. You need to believe in the creative explosion going on inside you to perform your best. Life is more miracle than mundane. #Slamism
  97. Magic happens inside you when you believe God really did make you for a special purpose!#Slamism Faith Fuels Growth!
  98. Believe in the creative explosion inside you. Potential-Worth & Joy R winning ingredients. Sprinkle a dash of laughter on your day! #Slamism
  99. You can’t perform your best outside-unless fulfillment is happening inside-Develop a healthier you.#Slamism #ProfessionalGrowthWillResult
  100. Deep life significance happens when our plans R congruent with God’s-Deep fulfillment happens when we sense we R doing right things #Slamism

Since, I  use as my private think tank, you may look forward to seeing more of these, as time goes on.

Tim's ideas are dynamite in person! Hire him as a speaker, at 336-688-7538.

 #Slamism is even more dynamic to hear about in person! Hire Tim as a speaker, at 336-688-7538, for your event or write him at: More information about him is available at:

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