Be a tough, tenacious tackler.

In most pursuits, basics are critical to success. This is true in many things and it is undeniably true in football. To succeed at the game, you must have tough, tenacious, tacklers. As a matter of fact, you must BE a tough, tenacious tackler..

I remember that when I was in junior high school, I was asked to try out for the position of center. Even though I was small, I was tough. To win the position, I had to win tackling drills against a much larger player. I may have been smaller but I had a bigger heart. I won the position.

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This necessity of a determined heart is not only relevant to football. To win at life, when you get knocked down; you have to brush yourself off, get back up and go after the thing that you want again. In many circumstances in life and business, you have to be tough to win.

Built tough

Everybody liked “Rocky,” because down inside we want to be one. I love to be the emotional cheerleader that reminds people that they can win over their challenge of adversity. My words are often designed to call people to: Be the man or woman of valor!


Many, many times, the only way you really lose is if you don’t try. Every time you crawl back in the ring; you are at least in the fight. You can’t win, if you don’t compete.  It is like the little bird. It must fly to get its wings strong and often it must be encouraged, to get out of the nest to give it a try. To fly, we often have to leave our comfort zones and tackle the big challenge facing us.

kicking the bird out of the nest

Don’t get me wrong. I think we need God’s help with every thing. But like my deceased friend Wolfgang Hafele used to say. “Help yourself and God helps you.” Sometimes it is necessary to: Give your-self a talking to. If we don’t have the right motivational friend, there are times we must Jerk our own rear end into action.

Personal and professional accomplishment are akin this way. It takes courage and being willing to tackle problems, to discover higher realms of personal success. Climb back in the ring. Be tough; keep fighting. Be tenacious; refuse to quit. Be a tackler; make your problems afraid to see you coming.

 tough tacklePep talks may seem to be just emotional and on the surface to some. But I have been teaching karate for many years and I have discovered something. When that pep talk is from the heart and aimed at the heart; it can often produce nearly miraculous results.

If no one has reminded you that with intelligence and faith that you can conquer mountains; this is your reminder! Personally and professionally, you can win if you will face your problems with determination and be a tough, tenacious tackler.


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